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Metro Tunnel


During peak construction thousands of people will be working to build the Metro Tunnel – want to be one of them?

The Metro Tunnel is Victoria's largest major public transport project and the first underground railway constructed for more than a generation. To build the Metro Tunnel we will need highly motivated, innovative thinkers prepared to immerse themselves in a 21st century project environment.

MMRA along with its contractors and their sub-contractors will need to secure a diverse workforce capable of unprecedented collaboration.The Metro Tunnel contractors are required to achieve the Major Project Skills Guarantee with 10 per cent of workforce being apprentices, trainees or engineering cadets.

In addition, Metro Tunnel contractors are required to achieve an Aboriginal Employment Target of 2.5 per cent as well as employment targets for Priority Jobseekers.

Build the Metro Tunnel

Build the Metro Tunnel

Build the Metro Tunnel is a service delivered that will offer a centralised location to find out about job opportunities working on the Metro Tunnel Project.

Technical Specialists Portal

Technical Specialists Portal

Highly experienced engineers and other technical specialists can submit their CVs to be considered by the shortlisted proponents for the major Metro Tunnel contracts.

Benefits of working at MMRA

Benefits of working at MMRA

MMRA has access to a wide variety of opportunities, with an extensive range of personal and professional development programs designed to develop our people and their careers. Read more about the benefits of working at MMRA.

Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program provides recent graduates the opportunity to work with world-class industry experts on one of the biggest megaprojects Melbourne has ever undertaken.

Job opportunities

There are currently more than 650 people working on the Metro Tunnel and that's just the start. Jobs anticipated to be offered include:

  • acousticians
  • administrative assistants
  • apprentices
  • architects
  • carpenters
  • commercial specialists
  • communications professionals
  • concretors
  • designers
  • document controllers
  • electricians
  • engineers - civil
  • engineers - mechanical
  • engineering cadets
  • graduates
  • human resource managers
  • ICT professionals
  • labourers
  • lawyers
  • mechanical fitters
  • OHS advisors
  • overhead line workers
  • plant operators
  • plumbers
  • project engineers
  • project managers
  • safety specialists
  • senior project managers
  • signalling engineers
  • site engineers
  • stakeholder managers
  • steel fixers
  • systems integration specialists
  • track workers
  • traffic control managers
  • trainees
  • trainers
  • truck drivers