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Metro Tunnel

Project timeline

Metro Tunnel is currently in the planning and design phase. Projects of the scale and complexity of Metro Tunnel require long lead times to develop and construct.

Engagement is ongoing to raise awareness of the project and build our understanding of the needs and wants of residents, businesses, landowners, councils and other stakeholders. Feedback input informs the design, development and delivery of Metro Tunnel.

Construction will commence in 2017 with the project anticipated to be completed and operational in 2026. 

Planning and Design Phase

2015 – 2016

2017 – 2018

Construction Phase


  • Construction of twin tunnels and tunnel entrances
  • Construction of underground stations and station entrances
  • Installation and commission of signalling systems
  • Delivery of wider network enhancements
  • Delivery of urban design treatments
  • Reinstatement of streetscape and open space
  • Testing and commissioning of new infrastructure and systems, including train driver training.