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Metro Tunnel


Major works are underway along the Metro Tunnel alignment, with a particular focus on the future locations of the five new underground stations.

Building the tunnels and stations

A range of construction techniques will be used to build the Metro Tunnel, with an emphasis on reducing impacts to local residents and business. Read about the plans for building the tunnels and stations.

Changes to your journey

The project work sites are located in the inner city where the transport network is at its busiest. Find out about changes to roads and the transport network and travel planning advice for workplaces and individuals.

Managing environmental impacts

In delivering the Metro Tunnel Project, we want to minimise the inconvenience and impacts of construction. Find out how we will manage construction impacts on local residents, businesses, and the environment.

Works underway

Works are underway at the location of the new stations and tunnel entrances. View the latest details.

Approval for works

Early Works Plans demonstrate how majors works in 2017 will be delivered in accordance with Environmental Performance Requirements. See the Planning Approvals page for more information.

Overview of major works in 2017

Scope of early construction works


  • Gas main
  • Power transmission main

North Melbourne

  • HV power line


  • Data connections
  • Telecommunications services
  • Other utility services
    (gas, water and sewerage)

Melbourne CBD

  • Franklin St station shaft
  • A'Beckett St station shaft
  • Telecommunications services
  • Other utility services
    (gas, water and sewerage)
  • City Square carpark demolition

St Kilda Road

  • Main sewer line
  • Telecommunications services