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Metro Tunnel

Arden Station construction plans

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Managing construction

Arden station: Construction and traffic map

It is proposed that Arden Station be constructed using a 'cut and cover' technique with the station box excavated from the top down and a roof slab placed over the top of the site. Underground construction activities will take place 24/7 once the roof slab has been installed.

The Arden Station site is also proposed to play a key role in supporting the construction of the western section of the Metro Tunnel. It is proposed that tunnel boring machines will be launched from each end of the station box at Arden and head in different direction towards the western tunnel entrance in Kensington and the new Parkville Station respectively.

The site will also house a number of important facilities including site offices, major storage areas, handling of excavated materials and facilities to manufacture tunnel segments for installation along the length of the Metro Tunnel.

The location of the station within a primarily industrial area will help to reduce some of the impacts on local traffic and neighbouring residents and businesses.

Key construction activities

Key construction activities for Arden station would include:

  • Demolition of buildings, land clearing and the relocation and protection of underground services such as water and electricity.
  • Set up of the site area including offices, storm water management, materials storage, access roads and on-site manufacturing facilities.
  • Excavation of the station box and tunnel boring machine launch site.
  • Station structural works, including station entrance connections to Laurens Street.
  • Station architectural, mechanical and electrical fit out.
  • Track works and the installation of signalling and communications systems.
  • Site remediation including landscaping.
  • Construction of a substation to provide power for the operation of the tunnels and stations. The preferred site for the substation is on Government owned land to the north of Arden Street (between CityLink to the west and Langford Street to the east)

To facilitate the site's role in supporting the construction of the Metro Tunnel, Arden Station will be built in the early stages of the project.

Traffic and transport

The construction of Arden Station will require changes in local traffic conditions to allow trucks to transport excavated material from the site, as well as the use of plant and equipment on-site to construct the station.

Proposed construction traffic routes have been developed for the Arden Station precinct that focus on moving trucks and other construction traffic to CityLink as quickly as possible. Potential traffic routes include Laurens, Arden and Dryburgh streets, Dynon Road and Macaulay Road.

The impacts of additional traffic would be minimised through the implementation of a detailed traffic management plan, which would include minimising truck movements during peak periods, where possible.

Temporary traffic and cycling diversions in other nearby streets may also be required to ensure the safety of bike riders.

Managing impact in Arden

A number of mitigation measures, or 'Environmental Performance Requirements', have been proposed to avoid, reduce or manage construction impacts in Arden.

Some of the recommended mitigation measures for the Arden precinct include:

  • Monitoring dust and air quality, in line with Environment Protection Authority Victoria requirements, and addressing air quality requirements for nearby residences and businesses.
  • Undertaking property condition surveys before construction begins to record the existing condition of buildings and residences in close proximity to tunnels and construction sites.
  • Implementing measures for providing advance notice of significant milestones, changed traffic conditions and periods of potential high noise and vibration activities.
  • Creating opportunities for heritage interpretation at Arden Station, referencing the history of the land for railway workshops and sidings.
  • Ensuring the design of Arden Station gives consideration to the ongoing planning for the future of the Arden-Macaulay urban renewal area including street layouts, over-site development and open space.

Construction timeframes

As one of the project's key construction sites, at this stage of planning, it is estimated that work at the Arden Station site will take approximately eight years. This will include early works starting ahead of the main construction activities, tunnelling, support of construction across the project, fit out of the underground station, and rail systems installation and commissioning.

Subject to planning approval, early works will begin this year with major works commencing in 2018.