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Metro Tunnel

Melbourne CBD

Once operational, Metro Tunnel's two new city stations will more evenly distribute passenger flow and interchange movements in the inner core of the Melbourne rail network, reducing crowding at all City Loop stations.

Current work notifications

Start date Where What is happening?

15 April 2017

Franklin Street

Service relocations underway at the Franklin Street site between Victoria Street and Swanston Street.

Works will occur in the evening from 3pm to Midnight.

More information: Works underway in Franklin and A'Beckett Streets

9 April 2017

City Square

Works have started in City Square to clear the space prior to demolition of the City Square carpark and shaft excavation. This includes:

  • The removal of artwork and street furniture
  • Tree removal
  • The demolition of the former Brunetti CafĂ© building
  • Service investigations and relocations

10 April 2017

Franklin, Stewart and A'Beckett Streets

Piling works, equipment laydown areas, service relocations and tree removals

More information: Works underway in Franklin and A'Beckett Streets

Overview of works in Melbourne's CBD

These works include site establishment, tree and vegetation removal, relocation and protection of underground utility services such as water, gas, power and telecommunications and shaft construction for the new underground stations.

How we will build the stations

To manage the challenges of building two new stations in CBD, a combination of construction techniques are likely to be used.

Frequently asked questions

Why build new railway stations in the CBD?

New city stations will support increasing numbers of people travelling in and around the city and take pressure off Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Central Station.

The stations will connect with existing City Loop stations, providing a seamless connection between Metro Tunnel and City Loop services.

How will the Metro Tunnel benefit the CBD?

The Metro Tunnel will bring thousands more people into the city, make central Melbourne a more attractive option for businesses, and further position Melbourne as one of the world's most liveable cities.

The twin tunnels will travel underneath Swanston Street in Melbourne's CBD. This route services key city destinations, provides direct interchanges with two key City Loop stations.

This alignment provides relief to the heavily congested Swanston Street/St Kilda Road tram corridor and allows people travelling from Melbourne's growing north, west and south-east to better access the city, via the Sunbury and Pakenham / Cranbourne lines, while freeing up capacity in the City Loop for the benefit of other lines.

Why are the stations named CBD North and CBD South?

Formal names have not been given to the new Metro Tunnel stations at this stage. 

The two CBD stations are named "CBD North" and "CBD South" for clear reference during project development. 

Decisions about the final name of each station, whether that be as extensions of the existing City Loop stations or as separate standalone stations, will be made in line with the Victorian Government Guidelines for naming a place (external link) closer to the commencement of train operations.

Are the Metro Tunnel stations separate or extensions of the current City Loop stations?

The two CBD stations will have direct underground interchanges with existing City Loop stations. Passengers will be able to interchange without touching off and on again from the Metro Tunnel to Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Central Station and vice versa.

Both stations are being designed so they can operate independently of the City Loop (i.e. with their own entrances, paid gates and ticketing office) to cater for expected patronage and ensure as much as possible if one line experiences a disruption it does not affect other lines on the network.

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