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Metro Tunnel

Works on Franklin and A'Beckett streets

Major works on the Metro Tunnel are underway at Franklin Street and A’Beckett Street, supporting the construction of a new CBD underground station with direct connections to Melbourne Central Station.

Franklin and A'Beckett Street will be closed for five years.

Franklin and A'Beckett Streets works update for June

Acoustic shed construction

Construction of the acoustic shed at Franklin Street will commence from early October and in A’Beckett Street from mid-November.

The acoustic shed will help to minimise construction noise levels during the shaft excavation and supporting activities for tunnelling. The acoustic shed will allow construction to occur 24 hours a day.


Shed installation begins in early-October and is expected to take up to 10 weeks to complete at each site.

This work will take place between 7am and 10pm Mondays to Saturdays. Work between 6pm and 10pm is expected to generate a low level of noise with activity including internal cladding of the shed and roof.

Work on Sundays will be between 7am and 3pm.

Piling and shaft construction

Piling works are underway in A'Beckett Street. 68 piles will be constructed to create the retaining wall of the shaft at A’Beckett Street and are expected to take up to 10 weeks to complete.These are expected to be completed by late October.

Piling and supporting works have been completed Franklin Street.

Piling rigs will drill steel lining into the ground, creating a hole. Spoil is removed and a reinforcement cage is placed inside before concrete is poured, creating the completed pile


  • These works will be carried out between 7am and 11pm, Monday to Saturday, with the noisiest activities occurring during normal construction hours
  • Piling will take place between 7am and 6pm while concrete pouring will be completed by 10pm
  • Other supporting activities may continue until 11pm each night, however these are expected to generate only a low level of noise
  • Works on Sundays will occur between 7am and 3pm.

Installing ground water monitoring stations

Targeted site investigation activities will confirm modelling of the ground water movement around the shaft locations at Franklin Street and A’Beckett Street

Ten additional site locations have been chosen to undertake investigation works, which will include 20cm bore holes being drilled to a depth of 60 metres. A water pumping test will operate once the depth has been reached.


Drilling the boreholes is expected to take up to 10 days per hole and will be completed between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday

The water pumping test will operate for 24 hours over a period of four weeks and will produce only very low levels of noise.

Road maintenance

To maintain surrounding roads and the worksite, occasional night shifts may be required to facilitate road, footpath, line marking and signage maintenance

These works are key to maintaining the CBD road network and ensuring works continue safely and smoothly

These works may include the implementation of traffic management (lane closures, speed reductions, etc.)


Gantries will create an enclosed and well lit pedestrian walkway that provides a safety barrier between pedestrians and the construction site.

A gantry will be installed overnight on 9-10 October at the Swanston Street and A’Beckett Street intersection, including the construction of concrete footings and the installation of structural steel.

These will also be erected on the current walkways on the south side of Franklin Street and the north side of A'Beckett Street.

A gantry is already in place on the north side of Franklin Street.

Construction power – Night works

Construction power installation works have been scheduled to take place along Franklin Street and Swanston Street. These works will provide power to the acoustic sheds for lighting, ventilation and the gantry crane.

This activity will include saw cutting the road, excavating a trench using a Non- Destructive Digging (NDD) truck and excavator, installing conduit cable pulling and backfilling work.


Night works have been scheduled to take place from Sundays to Thursdays, between 8 and 19 October

Work will take place between 9pm and 6am.

Once complete, night works to reinstate the road will be required with dates to be advised.


Demolition work along Swanston Street and LaTrobe Street is underway and expected to be completed by March 2018.


Work hours for demolition are between 7am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays and 7am to 3pm on Saturdays.

Night works for awning removal and gantry/ hoarding installation are taking place between 25 September to 7 October, from 8pm to 6am.

Equipment laydown areas

Equipment laydown areas have been established at Franklin Street - between Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street - and A'Beckett Street on the RMIT half basketball courts and surrounding footpath and road.

These areas will be used to store machinery and equipment for the duration of the Metro Tunnel Project and will support the construction of the shafts and future tunnel works.

Hoarding will be installed around the perimeter of these areas to separate the worksite from pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists.

The footprint of these sites will require changes to parking and loading zones in the area. This site on Franklin Street will also be used as a truck waiting area.

Out of hours work

When out of hours works are required, we will notify local residents and businesses in advance of these works occurring.

All reasonable efforts will be made to complete works ahead of schedule, subject to weather and ground conditions.

We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program.

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