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Metro Tunnel

CBD traffic changes

In order to relocate utility services and allow for the excavation of the construction access shafts, changes to local roads and public spaces in the area came into effect from January 2017.

City Square

Car movements

  • The City Square car park was closed in early 2017.
  • From August 2017, trucks will leave the site via Collins Street. Traffic controllers will be in place to temporarily stop traffic if required.

Pedestrian access

  • City Square was closed to pedestrians on 3 April 2017.
  • Pedestrians can still walk around City Square on the footpaths along Flinders Lane, Swanston Street and Collins Street.

Truck movements around City Square

A'Beckett Street

Car movements

A'Beckett Street is closed between Swanston Street and Stewart Street

Pedestrian access

  • Traffic accessing Stewart Street from A’Beckett Street may experience some delays, due to temporary closures while construction vehicles move between the two sites
  • A designated pedestrian access path has been installed around the laydown and storage area on the half basketball courts on A'Beckett Street
  • At night, pedestrians will be able to cross A'Beckett Street at the Stewart Street intersection to the southern footpath. This access will be closed during the day for pedestrian safety purposes
  • Both footpaths along A'Beckett Street between Swanston Street and Stewart Street have been closed while we to complete the service relocations
  • Following the completion of service relocations in late July, a gantry walkway will be installed on the northern footpath on A'Beckett Street. This will create an enclosed and well lit pedestrian walkway that provides a safety barrier between pedestrians and the construction site.

Franklin Street

Car movements

  • Franklin Street is closed between Swanston Street and Victoria Street
  • On Franklin Street, a lane will be maintained in each direction between Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street on either side of the site compound

Pedestrian access

  • The footpath on the northern side of Franklin Street was reopened on 3 April 2017.

There have also been changes made to La Trobe Street and Victoria Street to  allow traffic to flow more efficiently through the city.

CBD North road changes