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Metro Tunnel

City Square

Major works on the Metro Tunnel are underway to support construction of a CBD underground station with direct connections to Flinders Street Station.

City Square closed to the public on 3 April 2017 and works are underway to prepare the site for construction of a new underground station.

In order to safely and efficiently build this station, we will temporarily occupy City Square for up to five years. An acoustic shed will be built over the site in 2018.

When the project is complete, City Square will be returned to the City of Melbourne as public open space, with an entrance to the new underground station.

Traffic changes

There will be some traffic impacts due to truck movements in to and out of the City Square site.

What we are doing

City Square demolition

Demolition will continue on the surface of City Square to prepare for future shaft excavation and the demolition of the underground carpark.

Retaining wall construction

A retaining wall will be constructed within the City Square site, along the Swanston Street side.

Construction of the retaining wall involves piling, installation of structural beams on top of each pile and installation of precast panels.

This wall will provide structural support to retain material surrounding the site after the underground car park is demolished.

Hoarding installation

From late June new hoarding will be constructed at City Square along Swanston Street at a height of 3 metres.

This activity will be completed during evening shift which will finish at 10pm and will include delivery of beams and equipment.

Works in the City Square Car park

A number of preparatory activities are currently being undertaken prior to carpark demolition commencing in July.

Activities include disconnection of existing services, realignment of new services, demolition of the internal facade wall, installation of structural steel and reinforcement of concrete structures.

Tree removal

Trees have been removed from City Square to facilitate construction of the new underground station.

Where possible, timber from the removed trees will be re-used by City of Melbourne.

We will replant two trees for every tree we remove on the project to enhance long term canopy cover.

Brunetti Café closing

Brunetti Café has closed their City Square store. A new Brunetti Café will be opening in October 2017 at 250 Flinders Lane.

Removal of artwork

Removal of the Beyond the Ocean of Existence sculpture (corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston) and the Burke and Wills monument on Swanston Street took place between late April and mid-May. Most of the artworks affected by the construction of station have been placed in storage in the short term until City of Melbourne confirms a new location for them.

Timeline for works in City Square

June – July Reconfiguration of underground City Square Car Park
August – December Beginning of shaft construction including level by level demolition of underground car park structure
2018 Installation of acoustic shed over City Square

Hours of work

  • 7:30am – 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7:30 am – 1pm, Saturdays