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Metro Tunnel

Acoustic sheds

Temporary acoustic sheds will be built to enclose construction sites while the new Metro Tunnel stations are built.

Acoustic sheds are commonly used during construction of tunnels to minimise noise, light and dust spill on the local community during 24-hour tunnelling activities.

Each shed will be custom built and will help to minimise impacts from construction on nearby residents, businesses and the local community.


Franklin Street

The acoustic shed located above the future State Library Station on Franklin Street, between Swanston and Victoria streets was completed in February 2018.

The shed is more than 20 metres high, 70 metres long and will fully enclose construction activity as round-the-clock works begin to dig the 11-storey shaft, ahead of tunnelling between the two CBD stations starting in 2018.

The shed is made from 290 tonnes of Australian-made steel and built by local fabricators in Orange and Dandenong.

A'Beckett Street

Construction a shed at A’Beckett Street was completed in March 2018. The enclosure is now commencing 24 hour works, weekdays and 7am until 1pm, weekends.

City Square

Construction of an acoustic shed at City Square will begin later in 2018.

Acoustic Shed videos