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Metro Tunnel

Domain Station construction plans

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Managing construction

Domain Station is proposed to be built via a 'cut and cover' method, with the station box excavated from the top down and a roof slab placed over the top of the site. Underground construction activities will take place 24/7 once the roof slab has been installed, while traffic and trams continue to flow on St Kilda Road.

The Domain Station site is also proposed to play a key role in supporting the construction of twin tunnels south of the Yarra River. It is proposed that tunnel boring machines (TBMs) would be launched from each end of the station box and head towards the new underground station under City Square and eastern tunnel entrance respectively. Edmund Herring Oval is proposed to be used as a support site for the station and tunnel construction activities, and Domain Road will need to be closed at St Kilda Road during this time. Trams travelling along Domain Road and Park Street, South Yarra will be rerouted to Toorak Road West to enable the closure of Domain Road.

South African Soldiers Memorial

The South African Soldiers Memorial will need to be temporarily removed while the Albert Road entrance to Domain station is built. It is proposed that the monument be relocated to another part of the Albert Road Reserve once works are complete. Some parking in Albert Road will be occupied during construction.

Heritage permits have been sought for early works on St Kilda Road and the South African Soldiers Memorial. Further permits will be required ahead of tunnels and station construction in this area.

Fawkner Park

We recognise that the local community places great importance on Fawkner Park and its facilities including the tennis courts and childcare centre.

Following stakeholder consultation, further investigations by MMRA determined the use of Fawkner Park is not required as a construction and TBM support site for the Metro Tunnel project.

These design changes protect 69 trees in Fawkner Park that were identified in the EES as being potentially impacted.

Access shafts

The project also assessed locations for two shafts along the tunnel alignment in the Domain area to provide emergency services with access to the Metro Tunnel. Following further design work, it has been determined that an emergency access shaft is no longer required at Fawkner Park or Linlithgow Avenue.

These design changes protect 115 trees that were identified in the EES as being potentially impacted in the Domain precinct.

We are continuing to refine the construction approach to determine the best way to reduce impacts on the surrounding parklands and minimise the construction footprint in the Shrine of Remembrance grounds. Tree removal may be avoided entirely if the access shaft is required.

Key construction activities

Construction has commenced in the Domain precinct in preparation for works on the tunnels and station in 2018. This includes:

  • Tree protection and removal, and the relocation of underground services such as water, sewerage, gas, power and telecommunications.
  • Tram works on Toorak Road West and St Kilda Road tram interchange.

Key activities for the construction of Domain Station and tunnels would include:

  • Relocation and removal of traffic islands, trams stops and shelters, and car parking spaces along St Kilda Road, Albert Road, Domain Road and Toorak Road West, including the diversion of tram services.
  • Excavation of the Domain Station box and establishment of the tunnel boring machine launch and support sites.
  • Station structural works and station entrance connections underneath St Kilda Road.
  • Station architectural, mechanical and electrical fit-out.
  • Track works and the installation of signalling and communications systems.
  • Restoration of Domain Road, St Kilda Road, Albert Road Reserve and Edmund Herring Oval.

Traffic and transport

The construction of Domain Station will be staged to reduce impacts on the road and tram network while protecting and maintaining access to nearby buildings and facilities.

As a minimum, one tram track, one bike lane and one traffic lane in each direction will be provided along St Kilda Road during construction.

From mid-July, Domain Road, between St Kilda Road and the western edge of Edmund Herring Oval, will be temporarily closed to trams and traffic for an extended period to support construction of Domain Station. Trams currently travelling along Domain Road and Park Street, South Yarra, will be rerouted via Toorak Road West during this time. To facilitate this change, tram infrastructure will be installed along Toorak Road West between Park Street, South Yarra and St Kilda Road.

Proposed construction traffic routes for the Domain precinct identify a number of routes to move trucks and other construction traffic away from site as quickly as possible and on to Kings Way and CityLink  in line with construction traffic routes nominated in the Environmental Effects Statement (EES).

A range of changes to the transport network will be made ahead of construction and a number of alternative traffic routes have been identified to help keep traffic flowing around the Domain precinct, including Canterbury Road, Beaconsfield Parade and Kings Way. A communications campaign will be in place to promote alternative routes to drivers ahead of any changes taking place.

Our construction contractors will be required to develop and implement measures to minimise disruption to the transport network during construction.

Managing impacts in Domain

A number of mitigation measures, or 'Environmental Performance Requirements', have been proposed to avoid, reduce or manage construction impacts in Domain.

Some of the recommended mitigation measures for the Domain precinct include:

  • Monitoring dust and air quality, in line with Environment Protection Authority Victoria requirements, and addressing air quality requirements for nearby residents and businesses.
  • Maintaining a minimum of one lane for traffic in each direction on St Kilda Road throughout construction.
  • Planning and carefully managing access routes to minimise impacts on residents and users of the area.
  • Implementing measures for providing advance notice of significant milestones, changed traffic conditions and periods of potential high noise and vibration activities.
  • Preparing and implementing a Tree Protection Plan for the Domain precinct, in consultation with local councils and in line with area-specific conservation management plans.
  • Developing and implementing appropriate protection measures for heritage places including memorials and monuments. Work is to be overseen by a qualified conservation practitioner.
  • Ensuring the design of above-ground structures is responsive to nearby heritage place.

Construction timeframes

It is estimated that construction of Domain Station will take around five years, including early works and fit-out of the station underground. Disruption at surface level is expected to be shorter than the overall construction time.

Project-wide rail systems installation and commissioning will occur after the construction period.

Works began in early 2017 with main works commencing in 2018.