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Metro Tunnel

Domain Precinct work notifications

Major works on the Metro Tunnel Project are now underway in the Domain Precinct to support construction of Anzac Station.

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What is happening?

24 April 2018

St Kilda Road

From 24 April 2018, construction works to re-route the St Kilda Road tram tracks, bicycle lanes and road traffic around the construction site for the new Anzac Station will be complete.

View details of changes to transport in the area from 24 April 2018 (PDF, 5.1 MB).

18 April - 4 May

St Kilda Road

Recent wet weather has delayed several road works activities on St Kilda Road. These works must be undertaken at night when trams are not running.

Tram platform works, footpath placements, overhead alignments, and various other road works will occur out of hours from 18 - 20 April, 6pm to 7am, weekdays and 7am to 7pm, Saturday.

On Sunday 22 April, final asphalting works will be completed from 10pm - 5am. These works will generate medium to low noise.

All works will be complete in advance of Anzac Day services.

Vertical seismic shear wave profiling (VSSP) tests to determine the elastic properties of soil along the tunnel alignment will occur 30 April - 4 May, 11pm to 5am, weekdays.

VSSP testing will take place in an acoustic tent to minimise noise.

For more information, see the works update (PDF, 5.6 MB).

1-18 April

St Kilda Road

Works to realign the traffic, tram and bicycle lanes on St Kilda Road will take place this April.

These works will allow us to establish the construction site for the new Anzac Station in the centre of St Kilda Road, while ensuring road and tram users can
continue to use St Kilda Road and travel on public transport while construction takes place.

Works will be undertaken 24 hours, 7 days per week to minimise disruption to tram services.

Buses will be replacing route 58 trams from 1 – 17 April, and buses replacing all trams on St Kilda Road from 6 –17 April.

View the latest notification for full details (PDF, 3.5 MB)

12 April - 17 April

Kings Way and Park Street

From 8pm to 5am, installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and Bluetooth technology will occur on alternative routes to allow for more real-time monitoring and improved incident response.

Short-term lane closures will be required, and traffic management will be in place around the work site

These works are expected to generate medium to high levels of noise.

For more information, see the works notification (PDF, 361.2 KB).

Until mid-April

Bowen Crescent and Kings Way

Works to install drainage beneath St Kilda Road (between Domain Road and Bowen Crescent) and beneath Bowen Crescent are continuing.

Night works are required to install a retrieval pit in the northbound carriageway on Kings Way, to connect the drainage into the existing sewer. These works will commence from February and continue until mid-March.

Works will take place between 9pm – 5am, 7 days a week.

Bowen Crescent will remain closed between St Kilda Road and Queens Lane for drainage works until late February, and from Kings Way to Queens Lane until late March. Access for local traffic will be maintained, with access into Queens Lane via Queens Road.

Kings Way northbound carriageway lane closures are required during night works from mid-February.

For more information, see the original Drainage Works Update, Domain notification (PDF, 636.6 KB).

From May

Moray Street

Works on Moray Street are anticipated to commence in May, and will take place until July 2018.

Some night works may be required. Notifications will be sent out in advance.

Impacts will include:

  • Angled parking changed to parallel parking nearby intersections.
  • Traffic management and detours.
  • Medium level noise, vibration, and dust managed by Metro Tunnel's Environmental Performance Requirements.
  • Site compound established adjacent to 191 Dorcas Street, occupying approximately 18 parking spaces.

For more information, see the Moray Street Bike Path page and brochure (PDF, 1.7 MB).


Kings Way and Sturt Street

Changes will be made to the intersection of Kings Way/Sturt Street to allow more traffic to travel north and south on Kings Way and to improve tram reliability.

Night works ongoing until early March, 8pm – 5am, Sundays to Thursdays, 10pm – 7am, Fridays.

Impacts include:

  • Right turn ban from Sturt Street onto Kings Way northbound.
  • Right turn ban from Kings Way onto Sturt Street eastbound.
  • Left turn ban Kings Way into Sturt Street westbound.
  • Right turn ban from Eastern Road onto Sturt Street.
  • Left turn only from Dorcas Street onto Sturt Street.
  • Installation of a dedicated right turn lane on Sturt Street onto Dorcas Street.

For more information, see the works notification (PDF, 677.7 KB).


Kings Way, near Cobden Street

Installation of overhead traffic signage on Kings Way near Cobden Street and near the Mac Robertson Girls’ High School.

For more information, see the Traffic changes on Kings Way page or the Changes to Kings Way notification (PDF, 3.6 MB).



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