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Metro Tunnel

Service relocations in Domain

These works are being delivered by a Managing Contractor, John Holland, and include the relocation and protection of over 100 underground utility services such as water, gas, power and telecommunications, as well as the construction of the South Yarra Main Sewer.

What we are doing

In the Domain precinct works include identifying underground services and the relocation and protection of these services.

Construction activity will be sequenced and coordinated with other works happening in the area, such as those being undertaken by Yarra Trams, to reduce disruption to residents, businesses and public transport users.

Service relocations

Domain service relocations 


Telstra services within Bowen Crescent, St Kilda Road and Toorak Road West.


A new gas pipeline in St Kilda Road, Domain Road, Bowen Crescent, Bromby Street, Domain Street, Albert Road (northern leg) and Park Street (South Melbourne)


A new major sewer main that passes under St Kilda Road from Domain Road to Albert Road South.


New power conduits from Park Street (South Melbourne) to the Shrine of Remembrance Reserve/ St Kilda Road:

  • Relocating power services underneath St Kilda Road by boring from an entry point in the westbound lane of Park Street at the intersection of St Kilda Road and boring beneath St Kilda Road to a retrieval shaft in the footpath on St Kilda Road
  • Relocating the power service down Park Street using open cut trenching, consisting of excavating a trench and installing the new services, backfilling and reinstating the area
  • Installing a new power pit in the westbound lane of Park St at the intersection of St Kilda Rd (in July / August)
  • Installing a new power pit in the outer lane of Domain Road adjacent to the Shrine Reserve


A new stormwater drain within the Shrine of Remembrance Reserve, Park Street (South Melbourne) Bowen Crescent and St Kilda Road.


A new water pipeline within the Shrine of Remembrance Reserve and St Kilda Road:

  • Removing six trees on St Kilda Road due to the relocation of water and drainage service relocation works
  • May - June: Relocating a small section of water main in Domain Road around the future South Yarra Main Sewer retrieval shaft by open cut trenching
  • June: Relocating the water main underneath St Kilda Road. These works will be carried out using a laser bore drilling rig to bore a path beneath St Kilda Road between an entry point located in the Shrine Reserve and an exit point located in the outer northbound lane on St Kilda Road (at the intersection of Park Street)
  • June - September: Relocating water and drainage services on St Kilda Road adjacent to Melbourne Grammar using open cut trenching

South African Soldiers Memorial

The South African Soldiers Memorial will be removed and stored for the duration of construction in Albert Road Reserve. The timing of this removal activity and subsequent storage is subject to heritage approvals.

Managing trees

  • In the context of John Holland's (managing contractor) Early Works, the extent of tree removal from within the Domain precinct is currently 19 trees
  • Every effort has been made to minimise impacts to trees in this location
  • Some trees will need to be removed, however we have made every effort to reduce the number of trees affected. In keeping with this approach only those trees necessary to allow the relevant works to be performed will be removed and we will have all necessary permits in place for this activity to occur
  • Temporary fencing will be installed around the work sites to ensure the safety of the community and workers
  • There will be temporary lane closures on St Kilda Road associated with this work and we will need to occupy some parking spaces
  • The project arborist will be on site to supervise the installation of tree protection measures, and will also supervise when works are occurring within a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ)
  • Where possible, timber from the removed trees will be re-used by City of Melbourne
  • A fauna inspection will take place in advance of removal activity with a wild life handler to be on site during works
  • As St Kilda Road is on the Victorian Heritage Register, a heritage permit application for these works has been approved by Heritage Victoria
  • We will replant at least two trees for every tree impacted by the construction of our city's newest rail line.

Traffic changes

All traffic changes are listed on the Traffic changes in Domain page.

Construction timelines

It is estimated that service relocations in the Domain precinct will take approximately 12 months and be completed in late 2017. The timing of construction activities is indicative and subject to change.

Hours of work

General hours

  • 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7am-1pm, Saturdays
  • 8am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday (as required)

Park Street gas service main works

  • 10pm – 6am, Wednesday 26 – Friday 28 July
  • 10pm - 6am, Monday 31 July - Tuesday 1 August

South Yarra Main Sewer works

  • 7am – 6pm, Monday to Fridays
  • 7am – 5pm, Saturdays
  • 6pm – 7am, Night works (as required)

Yarra Trams overhead power infrastructure removal

  • 1am - 6pm, 12 to 13 July and 17 to 20 July

When any out of hours works be required, we will notify local residents and businesses in advance of these works occurring.

All reasonable efforts will be made to complete works ahead of schedule, subject to weather and ground conditions.

We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program.

What to be aware of

  • A fenced site will be established within the Shrine Reserve to contain the works and ensure the safety of pedestrians and workers
  • This work will not impact on your service utility connections
  • The fence line will be close to, but not physically impact on, the Cobbers statue
  • Access to the Shrine Reserve will be maintained at all times
  • Some pedestrian diversions will be in place
  • Access to private property and businesses will be maintained at all times
  • There may be some noise and dust associated with these works. Strategies will be put in place to minimise disruption to the community. These mitigation strategies will comply with the Metro Tunnel's Environmental Performance Requirements.
  • Once installed, all services will be re-run through the new conduit and connected within the coming months
  • Existing services will only be disconnected once the crossover is complete
  • There will be additional service relocations that need to occur outside of the Shrine Reserve, however we will provide further information ahead of these works occurring.