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Metro Tunnel

Supporting local businesses in Domain

During construction of Anzac Station we will maintain pedestrian access to all local businesses in the Domain Precinct.

During the April 2018 works we engaged many of the St Kilda Rd, Park St and Albert Rd businesses to provide vouchers and other goodies for local residents and commuters while buses replace trams.

These vouchers can be redeemed during and immediately after the tram and road works are completed at any of the participating businesses that are displayed on the vouchers.

Participating local businesses include:

famish'd  Subway  in a rush espresso  Cafe Sapora 
The Crux and Co       
  Royal Domain Cafe  Sushi Genzo  Kettle Black
EARL Canteen     
  • Sushi Genzo
  • Dock Dot
  • Royal Domain Cafe
  • The Crux & Co
  • The Kettle Black
  • Royce Hotel
  • Cafe Rosco
  • Subway
  • In a Rush
  • Famish'd
  • Earl Canteen
  • Cafe Sapora
  • The Olive Tree Bistro

We are also actively encouraging our workforce to support local businesses during the works and right throughout the construction of the new Anzac Station.