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Metro Tunnel

Tree management in the Domain precinct

To enable construction of the temporary tram tracks on St Kilda Road, up to 42 trees will need to be removed.

We understand the significant value the community places on the St Kilda Road boulevard. Each of the trees to be removed has undergone detailed assessment and designs have been reviewed to minimise tree removal as much as possible.

This process has already reduced the number of trees impacted in the Domain precinct from 224 trees to 170, including 95 trees to be removed on St Kilda Road.

Tree protection zones will be established around trees that are being retained. This will involve fencing around those trees, which will include a delineation to protect the root system.

A qualified wildlife handler will be on hand to conduct pre-inspections of trees requiring removal, and will also be on site when the trees are being removed.

Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) is developing a strategy for the highest and best use for the timber following tree removal. CYP will transport timbers of longer lengths to a storage facility to enable them to be reused.

The project will increase overall tree numbers in Domain, with replacement trees planted on St Kilda Road and additional trees planted in the precinct.

Replacement trees will be planted in improved soil conditions to encourage growth. The species used on St Kilda Road will be determined in consultation with councils and Heritage Victoria.

See the Planning Approvals page for details of the CYP Early Works Plan approved by the Minister for Planning and Heritage Permits granted by Heritage Victoria.