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Metro Tunnel

Construction in North Melbourne

The new North Melbourne Station will trigger a transformation of an industrial precinct to a thriving commercial and residential community located just minutes from the CBD.

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8 January

New North Melbourne Station site (Arden)

Work has commenced on a temporary electrical substation at the new North Melbourne Station site to provide power for the tunnel boring machines that will build the Metro Tunnel.

The next phase of work on the temporary electrical substation involves connecting the substation to existing power assets.

This will involve trenching and cable works from Arden Street to the temporary electrical substation within the North Melbourne Station construction site.

For more information, see the work notification (PDF, 244.2 KB).

Overview of works in North Melbourne

From 2017 works in North Melbourne have included service relocation, tree and vegetation removal and demolition of existing buildings within Government-owned land.

A temporary electrical substation will be built within the North Melbourne Station construction site. This substation will provide power for the tunnel boring machines required to build the Metro Tunnel.

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About the new North Melbourne station

The new underground station will be located near the corner of Arden Street and Laurens Street. It will be located within walking distance of the North Melbourne Recreation Centre and Arden Street Oval as well as the 57 tram and several bus routes. Read more about North Melbourne Station.

The existing North Melbourne Station will be renamed West Melbourne to better reflect its location.

The new North Melbourne Station will be built via a 'cut and cover' method, with the station box excavated from the bottom up and a roof slab placed over the top of the site. Underground construction activities will take place 24/7 once the roof slab has been installed. Read more about building North Melbourne Station.

North Melbourne Station will support the expansion of the central city and provide a focus for the development of a new commercial, residential and activity centre. Visit the Renewing Arden Macaulay website (external website).

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