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Metro Tunnel

Construction in Parkville

Major works on the Metro Tunnel Project are now underway to support construction of Parkville Station.

The new station connects this world-class education, health and research precinct to the rail network for the first time, and includes station entrances on the doorstep of the University of Melbourne and some of Victoria's biggest hospitals.

Current work notifications



What is happening?

From 22 February

Grattan Street, Barry Street, and Berkley Street

From 22 February, Grattan Street has been closed to vehicles between Royal Parade and Leicester Street for up to five years for construction of Parkville Station.

Barry Street will be closed indefinitely to vehicles between Pelham and Grattan Streets.

Berkeley Street will be closed to vehicles at Grattan Street, access will be maintained via Pelham Street.

Works will occur between 7am - 6pm, weekdays and 7am - 1pm, Saturdays (if required).

Additional work will occur:

  • 1pm - 5pm, Saturday 24 February
  • 7am - 5pm, Sunday 25 February
  • 1pm - 5pm, Saturday 3 March
  • 7am - 5pm, Sunday 4 March

Pedestrians and cyclists routes will divert around the work sites, following signage with traffic controllers to assist.

University Square Car Park will maintain access via Berkeley and Bouverie streets.

For more information, see the Changes to Grattan Street page, Parkville Station Feb 21 - March 4 notification (PDF, 3.9 MB), and the Parkville Station, February to March notification (PDF, 4.0 MB).

Until late February

Royal Parade and Elizabeth Street southbound

Footpath on the corner of Royal Parade and Grattan Street

Corner of Berkeley and Grattan streets.

Royal Parade southbound service lanes will be closed intermittently between 10am and 10pm, for conduit / cable hauling works.

During closures, cyclists will be diverted onto the shared path, and bus route 546 will use the centre carriageway.

Pedestrian diversions are in place on the footpaths on the west side of Royal Parade, both sides of Elizabeth Street, and the north side of Grattan Street.

A limited number of parking spaces on Royal Parade will be occupied during the works.

Cable hauling works in existing pits will generate a low level of noise. Excavation works will generate medium-high levels of noise.

For more information, see the works notification (PDF, 704.8 KB).

Until late February

Royal Parade

Drainage pipe installation will occur on the eastern side of Royal Parade.

Works will occur during 7am - 6pm, weekdays and 7am to 1pm, Saturdays.

Pedestrian diversions will be required on the east side footpath of Royal Parade.

Some saw cutting and open trenching will be required and will generate medium to high-level noise.

For more information, see the works notification (PDF, 704.8 KB).

Until late February

Grattan Street and Royal Parade

Night works for gas service relocations will occur at the corner of Grattan Street and Royal Parade.

Southbound service lane closures will also be in place in Royal Parade and Elizabeth Street. Works will take place between 6pm and 8am from the 11 February to 22 February for 11 nights.

Day works may require intermittent southbound service lane closures on Royal Parade, after 10am.

During Royal Parade lane closures, cyclists will be diverted onto the existing shared path and bus route 546 to the centre carriageway.

Pedestrian detours will be in place near University of Melbourne Gate 10 and at the corner of Grattan Street and Royal Parade, 24/7.

For more information, download the Gas service relocation notification (PDF, 669.2 KB).

Until late February

University of Melbourne

Service relocation works in the undercroft of the Engineering Building have been delayed and will now take place until late February 2018.

Traffic management will be in place at Gate 10, and there will be an eastbound lane closure on Grattan Street.

Pedestrian diversions will be required around the work area, inside University of Melbourne land and on Grattan Street.

These works will generate medium-high levels of noise.

Until 10 March

Royal Parade

Completing the installation of two groundwater monitoring wells in Royal Parade and Grattan Street, and installing an additional well in Pelham Street.

A section of the left turning lane in the outer southbound carriageway on Royal Parade will be closed for up to four days (after 10am).

27 February to late March

Pelham Street

An electrical kiosk substation will be installed to supply power to the site during construction.

Trenching will be undertaken in Pelham Street on the eastbound carriageway between Berkeley and Barry streets to install conduits.

Trenching will also occur across Barry Street adjacent to University Square. Once completed, a concrete pad will be poured to sit the kiosk on top. This work will be undertaken once Barry Street is closed.

There will be lane closures on Pelham Street eastbound between Berkeley and Barry streets and detours will be in place. Local access will be maintained.

Bus stops on Pelham Street will be operational during this time, however, buses will be detoured around the works.

Overview of current works

The current works in Parkville include site preparation, identifying underground services and the relocation and protection of these services, as well as road upgrades in preparation for construction.

A range of site investigations are also being undertaken.

Hours of work

The majority of work will take place during normal working hours:

  • 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  • 7am – 1pm, Saturdays.

Work outside of these hours may be required to complete certain activities.

When out of hours works are considered necessary, we will notify local residents and businesses in advance of these works occurring.

Grattan Street closure

Grattan Street is now closed to vehicles between Royal Parade and Leicester Street (for up to five years).

There will also be a westbound closure of Grattan Street between Flemington Road and Royal Parade from early to mid-2019.

Find out more about traffic changes on Grattan Street.

About Parkville station

Parkville Station will be located under Grattan Street near Royal Parade, providing a direct rail connection to the area for the first time and relieving pressure on local tram and road networks. Read more about Parkville Station.

The new underground station will be built via a 'cut and cover' method, with a roof slab placed over the top of the site. Underground construction activities will take place 24/7 once the roof slab and acoustic treatments have been installed. Read more about building the Parkville Station.

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