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Metro Tunnel

Traffic changes on Grattan Street

The next phase of construction for Parkville Station involves the closure of Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Leicester Street for up to five years.

Changes to vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian access will be implemented progressively. The first stage will involve closing Grattan Street to vehicles between Royal Parade and Leicester Street.

This will be followed by changes to pedestrian and cycling routes. These changes will enable construction to occur, and maintain safe movement around the construction site.

All construction works are subject to the relevant planning approvals.

What we are doing

From 22 February 2018, Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Leicester Street, and Barry Street between Pelham Street and Grattan Street will close to vehicles for up to five years.

There will also be no vehicle access from Grattan Street into Berkeley Street, although Berkeley Street will remain open at Pelham Street.

Download the latest updates: Parkville Station, 21 February to 4 March 2018 update (PDF, 3.9 MB) and Parkville Station, February to March 2018 update (PDF, 4.0 MB).

Map showing changes to Grattan Street described below

1 City Ford site

  • Equipment laydown area, truck parking and site sheds.

2 Grattan Street east of Royal Parade

  • Grattan Street closed east of Royal Parade for vehicles from 22 February 2018.

3 New Grattan Street crossing point

  • Pedestrian crossing on Grattan Street.

4 Gate 10 - University of Melbourne

  • Emergency and essential delivery vehicle access only.

5 Barry Street closure

  • Closed to vehicles between Pelham and Grattan streets from 22 February 2018.
  • Access for pedestrians only on the west side.

6 University Square car park

  • Access maintained to Berkeley Street entrance via Pelham Street.
  • Access maintained to Bouverie Street entrance via Pelham and Grattan Streets.

7 Berkeley Street closure

  • Berkeley Street closed at Grattan Street from 22 February 2018.
  • Vehicle access maintained via Pelham Street.

8 Melbourne Medical School Entry

  • Pedestrian and cyclist access maintained.

Current works

Map showing the current works in the Parkville area described below

Road Closures

22 February 2018 for up to 5 years:

  • Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Leicester Street.
  • Barry Street between Grattan Street and Pelham Street.
  • Berkeley Street - no access to/from Grattan Street. Local access via Pelham Street

Royal Parade and Elizabeth Street

Power cabling works ongoing until late February (from 10am weekdays):

  • Southbound lane closures along Royal Parade (including bike lane).
  • Northbound lane closures along Royal Parade and Elizabeth Street (including bike lane).

Grattan and Berkeley streets

Power cabling works ongoing until late February (from 10am weekdays):

  • Southbound lane closure on Berkeley Street.
  • No access into Berkeley Street from Grattan Street.
  • Access to the University Square car park maintained via Pelham Street.

Grattan and Royal Parade

Gas cutting and capping, ongoing until late February:

  • Lane closure in Gate 10.
  • Service lane closure Royal Parade.
  • Eastbound lane closure Grattan Street.

Royal Parade and Grattan Street

Site investigations, 14 February to 10 March:

  • Installation of two ground water monitoring wells in Royal Parade and Grattan Street.
  • A section of left turn lane in outer southbound carriageway on Royal Parade will be closed for up to four days (after 10am).

Pelham Street

Site investigations, ongoing until 10 March:

  • Installation of ground monitoring well in Pelham Street between Leicester Street and Bouverie Street.

Pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists divert around the work sites during construction. Traffic controllers and signage will be available to assist. Please follow all signage and direction to ensure safety.

Public transport network changes

Trams will continue to run along Royal Parade. However, there will need to be some temporary changes to the public transport network during construction.

Any changes to tram services will be communicated in advance.

From 18 February 2018, the 401, 402, 403, 505 and 546 bus services will be re-routed around the Grattan Street work site. Information about the new bus routes and new timetables is available on Public Transport Victoria’s website.

Access around the University of Melbourne main campus

From 22 February 2018, Gate 10 will be closed to vehicles except for emergency vehicles and essential deliveries.

Pedestrian access will be maintained through Gate 10. However, pedestrian access routes to Gate 10 will change and alternative temporary access routes will be communicated in advance of these changes occurring.

Car parking during construction

All public off-street car parks in the precinct will remain accessible during construction. On-street car parking capacity will be reduced in the area.

Access to University Square Car Park maintains via Berkeley and Bouverie streets.

Parking spaces will be removed on Grattan and Barry streets while these roads are closed for construction.