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Metro Tunnel

Traffic changes in Parkville

As we prepare to build Parkville Station, there will be some impacts to traffic, pedestrian and cyclists routes. Please allow extra time and follow signage in the area.

Map showing the road works around the Parkville area described on this pageDownload this map (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Until early December

  • The southbound lane on Flemington Road will be intermittently closed (7pm to 6am), however the southbound bike lane will remain open.
  • Local access, including to the VCCC car park, will be maintained via the southbound service lane.

Until late December

8pm-6am, nightly

  • Northbound lane closures on Royal Parade between Grattan and Storey streets.
  • Northbound lane closures on Elizabeth Street between Haymarket roundabout and Grattan Street
  • Westbound lane closures on Grattan Street between Berkeley Street and Royal Parade
  • No left turn from Elizabeth Street into Grattan Street
  • No right turn from Royal Parade into Grattan Street

Ongoing until late November

From 10am weekdays

Southbound lane closures (including bike lane)

Until mid-November

Works on the verge outside Royal Melbourne Hospital, ambulance and pedestrian access maintained at all times.

Until late-November

  • Footpath closure on the southern side of Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Barry Street.
  • Closure for Berkeley Street at Grattan Street (weekdays only).
  • Access to Berkeley Street and the University Square car park will be maintained during closures via Pelham Street
  • Eastbound lane closure between Royal Parade and Leicester Streets (8pm-6am, 21 and 22 Nov).
  • East and westbound staged lane closures on Grattan Street near Leicester Street (7am-6pm Mon-Fri, 7am-1pm, Sat). Access in both directions will be maintained throughout

Until late November

  • There will be a continuous northbound lane closure on Barry Street from Pelham Street.
  • No left turn from Pelham Street into Barry Street

Ongoing until late November

  • Closure for Berkeley Street at Grattan Street (weekdays only).
  • Access to Berkeley Street and the University Square car park will be maintained during closures via Pelham Street

Until mid November

  • Westbound lane closures on Pelham Street between Berkeley and Barry streets (8-10 November, 7pm to 7am)
  • Two day westbound lane closure between Berkeley and Elizabeth streets, within the week commencing 13 November

Road network changes

Ahead of major construction for the Metro Tunnel Project, changes to the road, tram and bicycle networks are required to keep Melbourne moving during construction.

A number of projects are being delivered in conjunction with existing VicRoads initiatives to accommodate diverted traffic during construction. These works will improve the resilience and capacity of the road network while the Metro Tunnel is built.

Changes to the local road network in Parkville will commence in the coming months, and include:

Royal Parade, Park Drive, Leicester Street, Elgin Street, Victoria Street, Elizabeth Street, Grattan Street and Pelham Street

  • Modifications to roundabouts
  • Alterations to signal timings
  • Installation of five new bus stops to accommodate bus diversions while Grattan Street is closed (see the new routes on the Public Transport Victoria website)
  • Removal of car parking to improve traffic flow.

Royal Parade, Flemington Road, College Crescent, Victoria Street, Princes Street, Nicholson Street, Peel Street

  • Turning bans
  • Line marking
  • Clearway restriction changes
  • Signal changes
  • Bike lane configuration
  • Tree removals, if required
  • Residential parking relocation
  • Other parking removal.

Further information will be provided prior to these works commencing.