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Metro Tunnel

Works to take place in the Parkville precinct in 2017

Works are required in 2017 ahead of major construction for the Metro Tunnel Project in 2018.

These works are being delivered by a Managing Contractor, John Holland, and include

  • Site preparation, including tree protection and removal
  • Identifying underground services and the relocation and protection of these services.

Utility services, including power and telecommunications cables, gas pipelines, stormwater drains, sewerage and water pipelines and mains, will be moved away from where the new Parkville Station and tunnels are proposed to be constructed.

Works taking place in 2017

Before we can relocate or protect these services, we need to undertake site investigations to confirm service locations and inform our designs.

Site investigations are continuing and include electronic detection and non-destructive digging.

This approach ensures we achieve the best design outcomes and minimise construction impacts on the community and the environment.

Construction timeframes

It is estimated that service relocations in the Parkville precinct will be completed by October 2017. The timing of construction activities is indicative and subject to change.


February to August 2017 – new telecommunications services installed along Grattan Street, Royal Parade, Elizabeth Street, Leicester Street and within University of Melbourne land.


April to August 2017 (PDF, 643.5 KB) – new gas pipeline installed along Flemington Road, Pelham Street, Bouverie Street, Grattan Street and within University of Melbourne land.


April to October 2017 – new power conduits along Grattan Street, Elizabeth Street and within University of Melbourne land.

Stormwater, Sewer and Drainage

April to October 2017 – new services along Grattan Street, Royal Parade, Barry Street, Leicester Street, Pelham Streets and within University of Melbourne land.

Parkville service relocation map 

Traffic changes

In order to relocate utility services, there will be changes to traffic arrangements on major roads and some local streets in the area from early 2017, including:

  • Lane closures and/or shuttle flow on Grattan Street, Royal Parade, Flemington Road, Pelham Street, Barry Street, Leicester Street and Bouverie Street
  • There will be some temporary impacts to parking on Grattan Street, between Royal Parade and Bouverie Street at the works location
  • Some temporary short term impacts to parking on Pelham Street, Barry Street, Leicester Street and Bouverie Street
  • Short term road closures on Grattan Street during off-peak periods, including weekends and overnight.
  • Changes to bicycle lanes on Royal Parade, Flemington Road, Grattan Street and Pelham Street.
  • Parking impacts and traffic management plans are being refined and we will provide more detail prior to works commencing.
  • Traffic management will be in place during construction to maintain the flow of traffic and ensure the safety of work crews, cyclists and pedestrians.

May-August 2017 traffic changes

In order to relocate telecommunications in Parkville, we will be undertaking intermittent lane closures.

Grattan Street

  • Mid July
  • 10am - 8pm, Monday to Friday and 7am – 7pm, Saturdays
  • There will be lane closures on Grattan Street, at the intersection of Royal Parade and the Royal Parade Southbound service lane.
  • Left and right turning lanes will be affected at times. Please refer to signage in the area.
  • There will be some temporary pedestrian and cyclist diversions required.

Royal Parade and Elizabeth Street

  • Monday 14 June to late August
  • Monday - Friday, 10am-8pm
  • Closure of single southbound lane and bike lane from the Melbourne Medical School to tha Haymarket Roundabout
  • There will be no left turn onto Grattan Street
  • Cyclists will be detoured on to the footpath

Access to private properties and businesses will be maintained at all times.

We will need to temporarily occupy a limited number of parking spaces

Grattan Street lane closures 6 July 

Hours of work

The majority of work will take place during normal working hours:

  • 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7am – 1pm, Saturdays

Work outside of these hours may be required to complete certain activities.

When out of hours works are considered necessary, we will notify local residents and businesses in advance of these works occurring.

All reasonable efforts will be made to complete works ahead of schedule, subject to weather and ground conditions.

What to be aware of

  • Access to private properties and businesses will be maintained at all times
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained, detours may be in place
  • There may be some noise and dust associated with these works. Strategies will be put in place to minimise disruption to the community.
  • These mitigation strategies will comply with the Metro Tunnel's Environmental Performance Requirements
  • A project arborist will be on site to ensure that tree protection measures are put in place and supervise all works occurring within designated Tree Protection Zones.
  • Some trees need to be removed to facilitate the relocation of underground services, however every effort has been made to minimise the number of trees requiring removal.
  • Fauna associated with trees to be removed will be assessed and managed appropriately.
  • We manage service disruptions in consultation with stakeholders in order to ensure continuity of supply