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Metro Tunnel

Moray Street Bike Path

In the Domain precinct, construction of the Metro Tunnel will see temporary but extended road closures and lane reductions on sections of St Kilda Road, Domain Road and Toorak Road West.

Changes to the road, tram and bicycle networks are required to keep Melbourne moving during construction of this city-shaping project.

A number of projects are being delivered in conjunction with existing VicRoads initiatives to accommodate diverted traffic, including cyclists, during construction. These works will improve the resilience and capacity of the network while the Metro Tunnel is built.

In preparation for these changed traffic conditions, upgrades are proposed to the Moray Street bike path to improve traffic flow, and provide cyclists with a safe and reliable north-south alternative route.

Overview of changes

The existing Moray Street bicycle lane facilities will be improved between Albert Road and Queensbridge Street, and will include safer connections to the Kavanagh Street and Queensbridge Street bike paths.

The City of Melbourne will also install an additional bike path along Kavanagh street in late 2017 and along Southbank Boulevard in 2018.

These will become alternative north-south routes for cyclists during construction works on St Kilda Road, and will help to encourage Melburnians to shift from vehicle to bike use.

Intersections at Albert Rd, Coventry St, Dorcas St, York St and Market St will be made safer by creating a slower speed environment using kerb outstands and raised zebra pedestrian crossings.

These changes will also involve a reduction in speed limit on Moray Street to 40km/h.

For more information, see the Moray Street Bike Path fact sheet (PDF, 724.3 KB).

Assessing options

In order to ensure that the design of the bike path addresses the needs of the community, two options for this path were developed and presented for community feedback.

Both options have benefits and impacts that require further assessment before a design can be selected. The final design of the bike path will be determined once community feedback has been assessed.

Preferred option

The preferred option proposes that a protected bike lane is installed between the footpath and on-street parking.

This option provides cyclists and road users with a safer journey, whereby cyclists are given their own dedicated lane and are separated from moving traffic by a kerb and parked cars.

Alternative option

MMRA have also developed an alternative option that proposes a dedicated bike lane that is located between the traffic lane and on-street parking.

This option provides cyclists with a dedicated lane that sits between moving vehicles and parked cars.

Next steps

The design will be finalised based on the community feedback received.

Construction of the upgraded bike lane will be completed in late 2017.