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Metro Tunnel

Arden station

Arden station in North Melbourne will trigger significant urban renewal of this inner-city growth area, facilitating the expansion of the central city and future proofing Melbourne's economic prosperity.

Metro Tunnel's Arden station provides the opportunity to connect growth areas in Melbourne's west to the growing knowledge workforces and residential communities in Docklands and the Arden-Macaulay precinct as well as established areas including Parkville and the CBD, and existing communities in North Melbourne and West Melbourne.

With the site's potential to accommodate 25,000 residents and in excess of 43,000 jobs, Arden station has the potential to stimulate over $7 billion of development value in today's dollars.

An indicative artist impression of Arden Station, looking towards the entrance

What's happening

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What you told us

Drawing on the ideas, expertise and opinions of stakeholders and the community is vital as planning for the Metro Tunnel continues.

  • A comprehensive program of public engagement and consultation has been underway since early 2015, and feedback has informed planning documentation and project designs.
  • Key feedback relating to Arden included:
  • Truck routes, potential truck curfews and alternative routes for heavy vehicles.
  • Importance of good pedestrian and bicycle connections to the existing North Melbourne station, tram lines and nearby community facilities.
  • The community expressed interest in understanding the urban renewal planned for the precinct and the opportunities this presents once the new station is built.
  • The need for innovation in managing construction.
  • Noise and vibration mitigation measures for staging areas like Arden.

Frequently asked questions

Why build a new railway station at Arden?

The new railway station at Arden will support the expansion of the central city and provide a focus for the development of a new commercial, residential and activity centre in Melbourne's west.

Arden station will support job creation in the precinct by improving public transport access to the Arden precinct, an area which has been earmarked for significant urban renewal. Arden is a critical part of the Metro Tunnel, and will be used by thousands of people every day.

How will Arden station integrate with other transport services?

We are working closely with PTV to ensure that the new Arden station will integrate with the wider public transport network, including nearby trams and buses.

More information about Arden station

Arden station – connecting our growing suburbs to Melbourne's rail network

Urban renewal areas like Arden-Macaulay are key to accommodating the future growth of inner Melbourne.

Accessibility and connectivity to neighbouring areas will be central to Arden's renewal. Currently the precinct relies on public transport connections on its perimeter, including North Melbourne and Macaulay stations, tram routes 55, 57 and 59 and bus routes 401, 402, 216 and 219.

Metro Tunnel's Arden station will connect the area to Melbourne's future busiest rail corridor, creating a focal point for development within the precinct.

Arden-Macaulay urban renewal area

Arden-Macaulay is a 14.7-hectare area bordering North Melbourne, Kensington, Melbourne's CBD and Footscray.

The Victorian Planning Authority has released draft plans to create a new commercial and residential precinct in this area.

The draft plans set out a vision for changing land uses, street and open space design, access for pedestrians and cyclists, and the revitalisation of Moonee Ponds Creek.

You can now have your say on the draft vision and framework, which is available online at