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Metro Tunnel

CBD North station

An indicative artist impression of CBD North Station looking towards the entrance

CBD stations are currently experiencing intense crowding at peak times. The use of the five City Loop stations is projected to almost double from 580,000 passengers a day to 1.1 million in 2031.

Building Melbourne's new Metro Tunnel will free up space in the City Loop so we can run more trains in and out of the city.

Once operational, Metro Tunnel's CBD North and CBD South stations will more evenly distribute passenger flow and interchange movements in the inner core of the Melbourne rail network, with crowding across all City Loop stations expected to drop by about 20 per cent.

The CBD North station will improve access to RMIT University, the State Library of Victoria and the growing retail and residential precinct located on the northern edge of the CBD.

What you told us

Drawing on the ideas, expertise and opinions of stakeholders and the community is vital as planning for the Metro Tunnel continues.

A comprehensive program of public engagement and consultation has been underway for the Metro Tunnel since early 2015, and feedback has informed planning documentation and project designs.

Key CBD feedback topics included:

  • Potential for improved traffic, bicycle and pedestrian flows on busy city streets.
  • Requests to maintain access to car parks and residences during construction.
  • High interest in noise and vibration, construction working hours and mitigation measures for residents and businesses close to work sites.
  • The importance of maintaining access to shops and laneways, including delivery vehicle access, wherever possible.
  • Measures need to be taken to protect important buildings including Melbourne City Baths, St Paul's Cathedral and Flinders Street Station.

Station location and access

CBD North station will be located directly under Swanston Street, generally between La Trobe Street and Franklin Street. The station will include a direct underground connection to Melbourne Central Station, allowing commuters to seamlessly interchange between Metro Tunnel and City Loop services.

CBD North station - map of footprint, entrances and tunnels

Entry points

It is proposed that CBD North station will have three main entrances:

  • The southern entrance is to be located at the corner of La Trobe and Swanston streets, with an underground pedestrian connection to Melbourne Central station.
  • The northern entrance is to be located near the corner of Swanston and Franklin streets.
  • There will be a direct underground connection to Melbourne Central Station from CBD North.

Commuters will also be able to access the CBD North platforms through the existing Melbourne Central ticket gates near Swanston Street.

Access to the platforms will be provided via fast and efficient escalators and lifts, as well as stairs.

Ventilation shafts

CBD North station will include ventilation shafts to circulate air from the station concourses, platforms and tunnels for the comfort of passengers. They will also include exhaust systems that, in the event of an emergency, will quickly remove fumes from the station and tunnels. The Metro Tunnel will be used exclusively by electric trains.

The exact location of ventilation structures and station utilities will be finalised in consultation with local stakeholders as part of the project's planning and detailed design phases.

Direct access to the City Loop

The two Melbourne Tunnel CBD Stations will have direct underground interchange with existing City Loop stations. Passengers will be able to interchange without touching off and on again from CBD North to Melbourne Central Station and vice versa.

CBD North is designed so it can operate independently of the City Loop (e.g. with it's own entrances, paid gates and ticketing office) to cater for expected patronage and ensure as much as possible if one line experiences a disruption it does not affect other lines on the network.

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