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Metro Tunnel

CBD North construction works

Work has begun in the CBD North area in preparation for major construction for the Metro Tunnel.

The works will include site establishment, tree and vegetation removal, relocation and protection of underground utility services, and shaft construction for the new rail tunnels and CBD North Station.

What we are doing

Hours of work

The majority of work will take place during normal working hours.

  • 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7am – 1pm, Saturdays

Work outside of these hours may be required to complete certain activities.

  • When out of hours works are required, we will notify local residents and businesses in advance of these works occurring
  • All reasonable efforts will be made to complete works ahead of schedule, subject to weather and ground conditions
  • We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program.

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What to be aware of

  • There will be temporary changes to traffic conditions in the local area. These changes will vary depending on the works. The community will be notified in advance of these changes.
  • Traffic management will be in place during construction to maintain the flow of traffic and ensure the safety of work crews and pedestrians.
  • Any required changes to the road network will be communicated in advance of the works using a range of communication tools.
  • There may be some noise and dust associated with these works. Mitigation strategies which comply with the Metro Tunnel's Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs) will be put in place to minimise disruption to the community.
  • MMRA will replant at least two trees for every tree removed for construction of the Metro Tunnel to enhance long term canopy cover across the Metro Tunnel project. A project arborist will be on site to ensure that tree protection measures are put in place and supervise all works occurring within designated Tree Protection Zones.