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Metro Tunnel

Toorak Road West and St Kilda Road tram works

Building new tram infrastructure on Toorak Road West and St Kilda Road is an important first step in keeping Melburnians moving on trams during construction of the Metro Tunnel.

Enhancing the tram network

The Metro Tunnel will enhance Melbourne's tram network, relieving congestion and pressure on trams along Swanston Street and St Kilda Road – currently one of the busiest tram corridors in the world. New connections in South Yarra, South Melbourne and the CBD will allow trams to spread out across the city, to where they will be needed most in the future. The Metro Tunnel will be a catalyst to modernise Melbourne's tram network.

A new train / tram interchange at Domain

St Kilda Road tram stop 

Domain Station will be an important interchange station between train and tram services, providing access to existing business precincts and growing residential areas on St Kilda Road, Kings Way and in South Melbourne, Southbank and the expanding western CBD. By 2031, Domain Station is expected to provide access to around 33,000 jobs, and 17,000 residents will be located within 800 metres of the station location.

The new Domain Station will be integrated with the relocated Domain Tram Interchange to provide seamless access between tram and train services. Once the station is completed, there will be direct access from the tram interchange to the Domain Station concourse below. Tram passengers will be able to access the tram interchange and Domain Station from a new pedestrian underpass under St Kilda Road, making this busy area safer for pedestrians.

Tram diversion works on Toorak Road West

To enable construction of the new Domain Station, Domain Road between St Kilda Road and the western end of Edmund Herring Oval will be closed for an extended period. The Route 8 tram service which currently travels along Domain Road and Park Street, South Yarra will be re-routed to Toorak Road West during this time.

New tram infrastructure will be built on Toorak Road West between Park Street, South Yarra and St Kilda Road to maintain a direct connection from South Yarra to the CBD during construction of the Metro Tunnel Project. These tram works will be delivered by Yarra Trams.

The new stops will be integrated, modern and accessible, providing an improved experience for passengers with shelters, seating, lighting and real time tram arrival displays. The new dedicated central tram corridor on Toorak Road West will facilitate more reliable journey times, whilst maintaining a lane of traffic in each direction.

The triple platform stop on St Kilda Road provides improved interchange between tram services, easing reliance on Domain Interchange and helping to keep Melburnians moving during construction.

New tram stops

Works will include the construction of two new level access tram stops - one on Toorak Road West near Millswyn Street and one on St Kilda Road near the corner of Toorak Road West.

The new 33 metre Easy Access Stop on Toorak Road West will provide improved tram reliability and access for all passengers by removing the step up onto the tram, whilst maintaining a dedicated traffic lane in each direction for general traffic and cyclists. Easy Access Stops provide a good solution where road space is both shared and scarce, and have been successfully implemented in other locations across Melbourne such as Macarthur Street (near Parliament Station) and Victoria Street, Richmond.

The location of the new Millswyn Street stop optimises the spacing between the new stop on St Kilda Road and existing stops on Toorak Road, and ensures that key destinations such as Domain Road Village shopping strip, the Royal Botanic Gardens and schools are within easy walking distance.

The new 66 metre St Kilda Road stop will accommodate higher capacity trams and more customers. This larger stop will consist of three tram platforms, is long enough to cater for two trams and provide improved safety and allow passengers to easily changing from one tram to another.

The new stops will be more accessible and improve boarding and alighting times, and the more direct route to St Kilda Road will improve the reliability of tram services to South Yarra and beyond.

Changes to tram services

When these works are complete, routes 8 and 55 will be combined into new Route 58, which will run from Toorak through South Yarra to St Kilda Road via the new Toorak Road West connection. Trams will then turn left down Park Street, South Melbourne and run along Kings Way to William Street, and on to West Coburg.

At the same time, Route 6 from Glen Iris will be extended north from the University of Melbourne, to replace Route 8 services up Lygon Street to Moreland.

Service levels will not be affected by the change, and there will continue to be frequent tram services with higher capacity trams operating on Route 58 and along St Kilda Road.

As the network planner, Public Transport Victoria will evaluate the new tram arrangements as part of its decision-making on whether trams return to Park St and Domain Road following completion of the Metro Tunnel.

Changes to local bus services

Changes to some local bus routes and timetables will be required to accommodate the Metro Tunnel works. The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority is working closely with Public Transport Victoria to ensure access to local bus services are maintained throughout the period of works. The local community will be kept informed of any upcoming bus changes so they can plan their journey.

Managing construction

Tram works in Domain 

Relocating underground services in Toorak Road West

Before constructing the new tram infrastructure on Toorak Road West and St Kilda Road, underground utility services in the area need to be relocated. This includes relocating a gas pipeline and installing a new sewer under Toorak Road West.

These works will be delivered by John Holland and will be coordinated with the new tram infrastructure works delivered by Yarra Trams.

Building the new tram infrastructure

The new tram infrastructure will be delivered in stages to minimise the impacts on the local community, road and tram users.

During construction, there will be temporary changes to traffic conditions in the local area. These changes will vary depending on the stage of works.

Traffic management will be in place during construction to ensure the safety of work crews and pedestrians, and to maintain flow of traffic.

Changes to the road network and car parking on Toorak Road West will be communicated in advance of the works.

Construction impacts, such as noise and dust, will be managed and mitigation strategies put in place to minimise disruption to the community.

Tram passengers

During construction of the new tram infrastructure there will be temporary changes to tram services on St Kilda Road and Toorak Road. Further information on these changes and bus replacement services will be provided ahead of works commencing.

Residents and traders

The nature of the works and close proximity to businesses means that there will be some disruption. We are working with Yarra Trams and John Holland to schedule works and develop comprehensive mitigation strategies to minimise impacts to residents and traders. We will work closely with residents and traders to understand their access needs and business operations.

Where possible, traffic management plans will be amended to maintain access to homes and businesses at all times, sometimes via changed traffic and pedestrian arrangements.

Residents and businesses will be informed in advance of these changed arrangements and consulted on their access requirements.

Construction timeframes

It is estimated that construction of the new tram infrastructure, including service relocations and site establishment, will take approximately six months. The timing of construction activities is indicative and subject to planning approval.

  • November to December 2016 – Site investigations to confirm the location of underground services
  • January to April 2017 – Service relocations to make way for the new tram infrastructure
  • June to July 2017 – New tram infrastructure will be constructed on Toorak Road West
  • July 2017 – New tram infrastructure will be constructed on St Kilda Road