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Metro Tunnel


The Metro Tunnel has been assessed through a well-tested, robust and transparent planning assessment process. Planning approval paves the way for construction to commence in 2017.

Early Works Plans

As part of the requirements of the Metro Tunnel Incorporated Document, Early Works Plans are required to be prepared by contractors appointed to deliver Early Works for the Metro Tunnel Project and made available for public viewing and comment, prior to submission to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Early Works Plans demonstrate how Early Works will be delivered in accordance with the approved Environmental Performance Requirements, as defined in the Metro Tunnel Project Environmental Management Framework (PDF, 796.0 KB), and the approved Urban Design Strategy (PDF, 8.3 MB).

The Early Works Managing Contractor (John Holland), has prepared a draft Early Works Plan (PDF, 10.1 MB) which covers the scope and impacts of its works to be delivered across the project area between April and early 2018 to prepare for major construction.

Early Works include:

  • utility service relocation and protection of utility assets,
  • site preparation works, including demolition works, removal or relocation of trees and monuments and road / transport network changes, and
  • the construction of shafts at CBD North and CBD South Station precincts.

Providing feedback

The draft Early Works Plan is available for viewing and comment for 15 business days from 17 February to 9 March 2017.

Any person may make a submission on the draft Early Works Plan. Feedback is sought on the proposed delivery approach for Early Works and how these works will be managed in accordance with the Environmental Management Framework (PDF, 796.0 KB), and the approved Urban Design Strategy (PDF, 8.3 MB).

If you would like to provide feedback, please complete the online form.

If you require assistance with completing this form or require the form in an alternative format, please phone the Metro Tunnel Project Information Line on 1800 551 927 or the Interpreter Line on (03) 9280 0700.

Feedback provided in hard copy must be received by the end of the public display period.

Next steps

Feedback received will be considered in finalising the Early Works Plan. The Early Works Plan will then be submitted to the Minister for Planning accompanied by any written comments received, a summary of the consultation and response to issues raised during the consultation process.

As an Early Works contractor, Yarra Trams will also be required to develop an Early Works Plan for viewing and comment. Further information on the Yarra Trams Early Works Plan will be provided in the coming weeks.

Environment Effects Statement

The Metro Tunnel project has undergone an extensive and robust planning assessment process. As part of this, the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority this year published an Environment Effects Statement (EES) to satisfy legislation governing the construction of major projects in Victoria. The EES is an evaluation of the potential environmental, social, and planning aspects of the project, and the approach to managing the impacts.

In December 2016, the Minister for Planning released his Assessment under the Environment Effects Act 1978, which concludes the EES process for the project. Find out more about planning approvals.

Construction planning

A number of different construction techniques will be used to successfully deliver a project as large and complex as the Metro Tunnel.

A number of construction sites are currently proposed to be located at the station precincts and other suitable locations along the alignment. Find out more about the planned construction methods.

There will also be changes to roads and transport network to keep Melbourne moving during construction of this city-shaping project

Learning from other projects

We are reaching out to some of the biggest rail infrastructure projects in the world to look at innovative ways to manage complex construction in urban areas.

The Metro Tunnel shares a number of similar challenges and opportunities with major international projects, particularly in the engineering, constructability and community relations spaces.


We aim to achieve excellent environmental, social and economic outcomes across all phases of the project in order to deliver an integrated project that connects the community in an environmentally sustainable manner. View our Sustainability Vision.

Project alignment

The alignment for the Metro Tunnel is currently being refined as part of our planning and design process. Some property acquisition will be required. See the Project Alignment page for more details.

Site investigations are progressing at a number of sites along the alignment to gather further information about ground and environmental conditions. Find out about the types of investigations we've undertaken.