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Metro Tunnel

Approved Development Plans

As part of the requirements of the Metro Tunnel Incorporated Document, Development Plans are required to be prepared by contractors appointed to deliver permanent infrastructure or any other above-ground works / structures for the Metro Tunnel Project and made available for public viewing and comment for 15 business days, prior to submission to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Development Plans include site layout plans, architectural, landscape and public realm plans, together with an explanation which demonstrates how the infrastructure will be delivered in accordance with the approved Environmental Performance Requirements, as defined in the Environmental Management Framework and the Urban Design Strategy.

Development Plans have been prepared and approved for the temporary construction power substations at Arden and Domain and the new tram stop on Park Street, South Melbourne.

Park Street, South Melbourne

As part of the Metro Tunnel Project, Yarra Trams has prepared a Development Plan (PDF, 3.6 MB) for works to construct and deliver an upgraded tram stop on Park Street, South Melbourne.

The Development Plan has been approved by the Minister for Planning.

These works will be delivered in late 2017 and include:

  • relocating and upgrading existing Tram Stop 119 to create a new permanent level access tram stop and platforms on Park Street, South Melbourne
  • installation of new tram infrastructure, including tracks, poles and overhead cables
  • changes to traffic management and road access to facilitate the construction works and minimise impacts on local communities
  • removal of up to 26 on-street parking spaces to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction
  • changes to the intersection of Wells Street / Palmerston Crescent to allow for safe vehicle turning movements and tram operations
  • other associated construction activities.

Construction power substations – Arden & Domain

As the Construction Power Works Contractor, Beon Energy Solutions has prepared a Development Plan (PDF, 5.9 MB) which covers the scope and impacts of works to construct temporary substations to power the tunnel boring machines required to build the Metro Tunnel Project.

The Development Plan was approved in October by the Acting Minister for Planning.

These works are required ahead of major construction on the Metro Tunnel and are anticipated to be delivered between October 2017 and March 2018. Works include:

  • construction of two temporary power substations – one at Arden (south of Barwise Street) and one at Domain (on Edmund Herring Oval)
  • access, security and fencing for each substation
  • tree protection
  • connecting the temporary power substations to existing power assets
  • traffic management to facilitate the works and minimise impacts on local communities
  • associated construction activities.