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Metro Tunnel


Through the Metro Tunnel Project, we're committed to connecting commuters in the healthiest, most sustainable way possible.

We'll help to ensure that Melbourne remains the most liveable city in the world, leaving a lasting legacy for present and future generations – environmentally, socially and economically.

To achieve this Sustainability Vision, we are committed to:

  • optimising the Project's design to ensure it is delivered to operate sustainably
  • managing resources efficiently through embedding energy, water and material saving initiatives into the design, construction and operation of the Metro Tunnel
  • avoiding, minimising and offsetting harm to the environment and the loss of biodiversity
  • protecting and conserving the natural environment, and
  • preparing for the challenges presented by climate change.

To give effect to this Policy, our people will:

  • demonstrate leadership in the commitment to a prosperous and integrated economic, social and environmental sustainable future
  • demonstrate commitment to sustainable procurement
  • protect and maintain vegetation, the functioning of ecosystems and biological diversity
  • facilitate economic prosperity and development and provide a resilient local workforce
  • support and enhance social, cultural and community wellbeing
  • encourage the pioneering of innovation in sustainable design, process or advocacy that seeks continuous improvement to promote new ideas and thinking
  • embed environmental and sustainability outcomes by establishing robust sustainability objectives and targets, and
  • report on sustainability performance and be accountable for meeting environmental and social responsibilities.