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Metro Tunnel

Arden Station

A new station in Arden will trigger significant urban renewal in the Arden-Macaulay precinct, to create a vibrant residential, commercial and retail precinct on the edge of the CBD.

The station's design will reflect Arden's rich industrial history through the use of materials such as clay brick, bluestone, timber, steel and glass.

Feature skylights will bring natural light into the station concourse and down to platform level.

Arden concourse - concept imageConcept image

Connecting our growing suburbs to Melbourne's rail network

Urban renewal areas such as Arden-Macaulay are key to accommodating the future growth of Melbourne. Accessibility and connectivity to neighbouring suburbs will drive the precinct's renewal. Currently it relies on public transport connections on its perimeter, including North Melbourne and Macaulay stations, tram routes 55, 57 and 59 and bus routes 401, 402, 216 and 219.

Metro Tunnel's Arden Station will connect the area to the Sunbury and Cranbourne/Pakenham lines, creating a focal point for residential, commercial and retail development.

Arden platform - concept imageConcept image

Station location and access

The new underground station will be located near the corner of Arden Street and Laurens Street. The Metro Tunnel will connect to Footscray on the Sunbury line and travel through Kensington before passing under Moonee Ponds Creek and CityLink and arriving at Arden Station.

From there, the tunnel will travel under North Melbourne and connect to a new underground station at Parkville. The new station at Arden will be located within walking distance of the North Melbourne Recreation Centre and Arden Street Oval as well as the 57 tram and several bus routes.

Entry points

The entrance to the new station will be located on Laurens Street, between Queensberry and Arden streets. This will provide direct access to existing residential, retail and commercial areas east of Laurens Street. Brick work at the station entrance will be in keeping with the rich character of the Arden precinct.

Provision will be made for an additional entrance at the western end of the station to service the Arden area as it develops.

Platform screen doors will be installed at Arden Station to provide increased safety and security, less train noise, and better climate control.

Arden street level - concept imageConcept image

Increasing public open space

As part of works to build the new station in Arden, new public space will be created and landscaped.

Recognising that Arden and the nearby Moonee Ponds Creek are prone to flooding, a proposed 'urban sponge' landscaping strategy will be used to absorb storm water. Initiatives to achieve this include rain gardens, tree planters and an increase in permeable paving.