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Metro Tunnel

About the Creative Program

The Metro Tunnel Creative Program features activities and events designed and led by a world-class team of designers, cultural curators, and place managers dedicated to enhancing city life alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel.


The Metro Tunnel Project is committed to a program of temporary creative works that make a significant contribution to offsetting the disruption across the project’s worksites, keeping Melbourne a vibrant and attractive destination as we build this city-shaping project.

The Creative Program is designed to keep the city vibrant during construction, leaving a lasting legacy for major infrastructure projects worldwide.

It will enhance the reputation of Melbourne as a destination for culture, education, major events, not only after the Metro Tunnel opens but also while it is constructed.

The focus of the program is to encourage community interaction with construction sites and support local business - at the coalface between site boundaries and where city life begins. The program supports the objectives in the Creative Strategy.

Our Mission

To minimise the disruption to city life caused by the construction of the Metro Tunnel Project through tactical placemaking, cultural programming and attentive place management.

Our approach is to work collaboratively in order to deliver place outcomes that positively contribute to the character and identity of Melbourne’s unique places and precincts.

Specifically, we will be developing and implementing activities that address key challenges posed by the construction works. These solutions are intended to be flexible and adaptive in order to respond to the changing needs of each location.

An evaluation framework established early in the program will provide data and insights into what solutions resonate allowing the program shaped to respond what our community wants.


The following objectives are what we aim to achieve at each site:

  • Keep the city vibrant
  • Think laterally about space and place
  • Remain quintessentially ‘Melbourne’ in our approach
  • Stay true to local character
  • Keep the city’s areas active
  • Keep Melbourne liveable

Curatorial Themes


During a period of extensive change and transformation, storytelling is a natural and poignant curatorial theme, assisting us to consider the past, the present and the future, embracing disruption as a necessity for improvements for years to come.

As a creative theme, its purpose is to stimulate artists to consider people in place, to unlock the surprising or forgotten histories, to reveal and celebrate, access and uncover the contemporary stories of everyday Melburnian’s, look to new generations and the possible future stories.

The outcomes will be as varied as the partners, practitioners and art forms providing projects of interest to the widest possible audience.

Frequently asked questions

What are the next steps?

After the announcement of program we will be reviewing the submissions received through the Open Call for artists to submit ideas for the City Square hoarding.

We will also be busy planning events and activities that will align with the program of construction works.

What can people expect to see?

The program isn't meant to be a one off major event, it is about helping build resilience at seven sites across the city during seven years of the major construction works.

For Melburnians going about their day, it is about discovering unexpected delights and surprises in the corners of the city affected by construction.

They will see pop-up parks and events as well as art on construction hoardings and around construction sites.

How will the Metro Tunnel Project select artists and collaborators?

We're mindful of broadening the opportunities for artists, city institutions and community groups to get involved in the Metro Tunnel creative program, as well as ensuring the construction sites reflect their location.

That is why we will use a number of ways to commission artworks, including an open call to community groups, individuals and cultural organisations, directly commission works through established artists, and work with some of our project stakeholders such as the arts faculties of local universities, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Federation Square to curate content.

How will the program ensure emerging artists and community groups have the opportunity to get involved?

We are actively seeking out ways to involve art students from nearby universities and art schools and local community groups who may be interested in a creative program.

We have included an open call for artists as part of our curation approach to ensure we give a broad range of people the opportunity to get involved.


The information on this page is also available as a pdf file to download or print:

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