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Metro Tunnel

Artist Pool

Calling all Victorian creatives – public art opportunities

The Metro Tunnel Creative Program Artist Pool is now open for registrations from Victorian creatives. This opportunity is open (but not limited) to: visual artists, illustrators, designers, poets, writers, essayists, performers, theatre, film and TV workers and musicians.

The Artist Pool is one of the primary methods for inviting artists to apply for future opportunities managed by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program. Inclusion in the Artist Pool does not guarantee a commission.

Please note: this is an opportunity for new artists to join the Artist Pool. Those already registered in the pool are welcome to update their contact details at any time via email.


Online submissions must be completed by 11:59pm (AEST) on Saturday 31 July, 2021.

Creative opportunities

The Artist Pool is a key method for inviting artists to apply for future creative opportunities. These may include artwork on hoardings, interpretation pieces related to the Metro Tunnel Project and activations that align with major city events. To date, 64 creative practitioners have received commissions through the Artist Pool, to the collective value of more than $150,000.


  • Prior public art experience is not a requirement. However, you must be able to demonstrate previous professional work.
  • You must have an ABN.
  • You must reside in Victoria.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria will vary depending on skills required for future opportunities. When invited to provide concepts for specific commissions, you will be provided relevant project information and a concept fee to deliver proposals for selection by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program Steering Committee and any of its invited advisors.

Submission process

Information and support materials must be submitted through the online form via the link below. Materials include:

  • up to 10 digital files
  • a professional resumé and
  • an artist’s statement.

You can view the questions prior to commencing the submission, so you can see what materials are required in advance.

The submission process allows for submissions to be saved and returned to for completion if required.

All submissions will receive an email acknowledgement that their submission has been received.

Information will not be accepted or evaluated if:

  • submitted by mail, email, fax, or hand delivery
  • submitted after the deadline
  • incomplete
  • you do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Complete the Artist Pool registration form

A composite image of three artists standing in front of outdoor artworks

Pictured: Naomi Bishop (Home/Work exhibition); Ronald Edwards Pepper, Emerging from the darkness; Youbi Lee (Home/Work exhibition). Photos by James Henry.