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Metro Tunnel

Creative Program at the eastern tunnel entrance

Works to build the tunnel entrance are underway in South Yarra.

After consultation with the community of South Yarra, a creative treatment by Melbourne design company, Spacecraft Studios will be displayed on the jersey barrier hoardings. The artworks will be installed from early November 2018.

Artwork by Spacecraft Studio

As keen ornithologists and horticulturalists are encouraged by research that suggests native birds and animals might already be repopulating the spaces between the inner city and agricultural land.

The work proposed by Spacecraft Studio invites viewers to consider the rhythm of what’s around us, encouraging us to find poetry and serendipity in our everyday routines.

Spacecraft studio has three 7m print tables. The tables have a layer of felt that is protected by a layer of canvas, a ‘backing cloth’. The print tables are used to produce art, design projects and for experimentation and over time, usually around 12 weeks, these backing cloths become so saturated with traces of art projects, print ideas and pigment that they have to be replaced.

Amongst the build up of accumulated traces of printed ideas are chance compositions, capturing a period of time in studio history. There are hundreds of individual stories represented in the backing cloth graphic.

These fragments will encourage an evolving interaction with the work, for an audience that will encounter the artwork on a daily basis, stimulating curiosity and engagement with the artwork over a long period of time.

Sample of artwork from SpacecraftSample of artwork from Spacecraft

Sample of artwork from SpacecraftSample of artwork from Spacecraft