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Pretty Little Things by The Cutaway

The world of medical research, when viewed through a microscope, is one of wonder and beauty where nature and biology can be seen in the most delicate and intricate forms. Tiny cells, a cluster of embryos, organisms multiplying - these are the unique views seen through the researcher’s lens. It can be a beautiful and breathtaking view not often seen by members of the public.

Pretty Little Things is a collaboration with the University of Melbourne that celebrates and explores this beauty, re-interpreting microscopic images contributed by students, staff and researchers, into modern abstract patterns through the blasts of a vibrant fluorescent colour palette.

This artwork has picked up one of the world’s most coveted design prizes - a Gold from the A’Design Award and Competition.

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About the artist: The Cutaway

The Cutaway is an award winning creative studio that creates immersive visual experiences in the public environment. Combining their love for design, technology and craft their work challenges the curious and presents visual stories that are compelling and memorable.

Instagram: @thecutaway


Creative Director: Beck Storer

Photography: @caseyhorsfield