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Metro Tunnel

Adele Varcoe: Me in Couture

City Square, 2018

To celebrate Melbourne Fashion Week, Adele Varcoe's Me In Couture was displayed at the Metro Tunnel's Town Hall Station construction site.

The City Square area has in previous years been a significant site for Fashion Week events, now hosted elsewhere nearby.

Me in Couture proposes a new kind of fashion collection that might be part of a Paris or Melbourne fashion event. It could be considered high-end, conceptual or as Haute Couture.

Varcoe is interested in the behaviours that fashion evokes and the role that social interaction plays in shaping our perception of dress.

The garments pictured in the work are made from plasticine, exploring ideas for future textiles that might consist of a material that can be constantly remodelled to create a new garment.

About the artist

Adele Varcoe is an Australian artist and designer creating fashion experiences that explore the social and emotional effects of fashion, dress and clothes.

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Photography by Charlie Kinross