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Construction Master

Become a Construction Master

Metro Tunnel Education:
Construction Master

This set of activities take you behind the scenes to become a Construction Master.

Construction master badge


Once you’ve completed one or more of these activities, come back here to download your Construction Master badge. Congratulations!

How are we building the Metro Tunnel?

It’s much too big a job for a bucket and spade! Meet the mega-machines that are doing the heavy work to carve out tunnels and stations.

What are acoustic sheds?

Maybe you’ve seen these gigantic structures at our construction sites in the city and wondered what’s going on in there. Time to find out.

Now become a Construction Master by completing one of these activities

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Word search

To understand how we are building the Metro Tunnel, you’ll need to learn some big words.

We’ve included them in our Construction Word Search along with definitions so you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Can you find all the words?

Word search

9 Stages of Construction

People often ask us, “Why will it take so long to build the Metro Tunnel?”

Big projects take lots of planning and there are many different stages to the construction process.

Can you solve the puzzle by putting all the stages in the right order to show you are a Construction Master?

9 Stages of Construction

Voluminous Matters

Classroom activity

Just how much excavated material will be dug out to make room for our five new stations and the twin tunnels that will run between them?

Grab you calculator, then use these worksheets to explore the use of simple mathematics in the real world. Be ready for some surprises along the way!

Teachers: download a presentation (PPTX, 4.2 MB) and lesson plan (PDF, 4.3 MB). The maths is very straightforward, involving calculating the volume of cubes and cylinders, but students do need to have been exposed to the concept of Pi.

Voluminous Matters