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Breaking news

Four huge tunnel boring machines (TBMs) will dig the twin nine-kilometre tunnels. Like giant mechanical earth worms, they will chew through the rock and sand (silt) under Melbourne’s city centre.
Each one weighs 1000 tonnes (that’s about 150 elephants!).

Live action colouring in

Take your own TBM on a trip underground with our augmented reality tunnel boring machine.

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Take a closer look

Check out the detail in our incredible cross-section which shows just how TBMs work.

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TBM tracker

TBMs work day and night. They dig 10 meters of tunnel a day and the tunnelling will take about 3 years in total. View the tunnel tracker, to see where our TBMs are under Melbourne right now

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You can find more information with links to videos, images and fact sheets here.

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