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Live action colouring in

Become a Construction Master

Metro Tunnel Education:
Live action colouring in

Live action colouring in

Print the colouring-in sheet, then get creative with your pens and pencils – don’t forget to put your name on the cutter head! Then get permission to download the free Weavar app and make your TBM come to life.

Download colouring in (PDF)


Download the Weaver App, Scan the page, Watch it come to life!

For best results with your colouring-in scan:

  • Ensure the page is in good light, without any deep shadows cutting across the page
  • Ensure the page is laid flat
  • Avoid using glossy paper, or a laminated page
  • Ensure the entire border is kept in view whilst the image is being scanned
  • For best results, take the scan as straight-on as possible
  • Keep the camera and the page steady whilst the image is scanned

We want to see your artwork!

Complete one of our colouring in sheets, take a photo and send it to so we can feature it in the gallery on our desktop website.

Construction master badge


Once you’ve completed one or more of these activities, download your TBM licence. Congratulations!