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Metro Tunnel


MetroHub is the jobs and training centre for the Metro Tunnel's $6 billion Tunnels and Stations work package.

It is a partnership between Tunnels and Stations contractor Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) and Holmesglen TAFE.

Providing training and induction

MetroHub will provide all training, recruitment and project inductions to all people working on the Tunnel and Stations work package.

The MetroHub will also support this package of works’ subcontractors and suppliers, sourcing candidates and providing training.

Providing opportunities

MetroHub will work with Holmesglen Skills and Jobs Centre and other social partners to provide priority jobseekers with a gateway onto the project, maximising their long-term employment opportunities.

It will also cater to any interested jobseeker wanting to join the project.

MetroHub will be operational during the construction phase of the Metro Tunnel Project and will be launched in the coming months.