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RAILway artwork at City Square

Posted: 07 Oct 2018

A submission from renowned Melbourne artist Peter Atkins has been selected for display on the construction hoardings at City Square on Swanston St.

Peter’s successful artwork, RAILway, is a project that explores collective cultural, social and personal narratives to the graphic, abstracted designs of suburban train tickets issued between 1920 and the late 1980s that departed from or arrived into Melbourne.

RAILway is an abstraction of these tickets including those specially printed for travel to Flemington, Sandown and Caulfield horse racing tracks, with destinations stating HILL, STAND, LAWN and PADDOCK. There are also tickets relating to VFL Park and other tickets printed for journeys to and from Calder Raceway.

Peter’s work was selected from nearly 100 submissions to the Expression of Interest issued in July.

In his submission to the Open Expression of Interest, Peter wrote:

‘When people first encounter this work along Swanston Street, I expect they will be provoked into a very personal response, perhaps triggering narratives or memories of journeys undertaken with family and friends between particular destinations - the daily trip to school or to work, shopping in the city or weekends away with friends.

These tickets represent a complicated and fascinating visual coded language that is particular to Melbourne. RAILway distils the original tickets and strips them of unnecessary details, focusing instead on the beautiful geometric abstraction underneath. What is revealed is an extremely evocative collection of ready-made forms that resonate with us all’.

Read the artist profile of Peter Atkins and find out more about the Metro Tunnel Creative Program.

Examples of artwork from RAILway