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Metro Tunnel

Supporting our arts students

Posted: 22 Oct 2019

The Metro Tunnel Creative Program has worked closely with the Victorian College of Arts and RMIT to ensure student art is celebrated on a large scale around our sites.

Four recent graduates from VCA have works around the Parkville Station precinct including a 90-metre piece call ‘Rej’ by Evan Whittington that runs the length of Barry St.  A selection panel including Raafat Ishak from VCA chose the works.

An industry partnership with the RMIT School of Fashion and Design and Textiles meant year two students undertook a course exercise to create a work for walkway alongside the Franklin St acoustic shed – with Katy Smits work ‘Metropolitan Tiles’ chosen to be displayed to celebrate Melbourne Fashion Week.

Another work by a RMIT School of Art (Public Space) student is on display in Urban Square. Paola Ibarra engage 180 people to help create the 35-metre piece, 'The Mark'- which celebrates how the square is used by students and residents.