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Metro Tunnel

William Street bridge construction

Posted: 11 Nov 2019

Works are underway to install a new bridge over the widened rail corridor near South Yarra station.

A 77-metre high, 750-tonne crane will be used to install two large structural beams above the rail lines. This work will take place over the weekend while trains aren't running.

The structural beams weigh a combined 244 tonnes and form the basis of a single span bridge. The original bridge in this location was demolished in April to make way for construction of the Metro Tunnel’s eastern entrance.

Preparations for the William Street bridge install started in October, as oversized trucks delivered six bridge beam components and three cranes to the tunnel entrance construction site. Two smaller cranes lowered the beams into the work area and were also used to assemble the 750-tonne crane that will complete the bulk of the lifting.

Following installation of the beams, the project team will fit a series of steel supports and then place precast planks on top to form the basis of the bridge structure.