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Metro Tunnel

Proposed extension of Childers Street closure in Kensington

Posted: 22 Sep 2020

Railway construction site with 'road closed' signs and Melbourne skyline in background.

With works underway in the Kensington area to complete the Metro Tunnel, an extension to the current closure of Childers Street is proposed until September 2021.

Childers Street is currently closed to all traffic until mid-November 2020, with a detour along Derby and Tennyson streets for over-height vehicles making deliveries to the Lloyd Street Business Estate (LSBE) and a small number of Childers Street residents.

To safely complete upcoming works in Kensington, an extension to the current closure is proposed until September 2021. We have sought community feedback on this extension and thank all who have responded.

See Traffic and Transport Changes to learn more about the Childers Street closure extension and the over-height vehicle detour for vehicles entering the Lloyd Street Business Estate.