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Metro Tunnel

Have your say on Metro Tunnel's five new station precincts

The consultation period on the design of Metro Tunnel’s five new underground stations and surrounding precincts has now closed.

Development Plans

Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP), the preferred contractor for the Tunnel and Stations package of works, has prepared draft Development Plans for the proposed design of station entrances and surrounds to the ticket gates.

The draft Development Plans include:

  • Site layout, architectural, landscape and public realm plans for Metro Tunnel’s five new stations.
  • An explanation of how the designs address the approved Urban Design Strategy and the approved Environment Performance Requirements for the project.

People were invited to have their say on key aspects of the precinct designs, including architectural design, landscape and public realm, as well as access for pedestrians and cyclists, and overall transport integration.

A series of drop-in information sessions were held around Melbourne to provide an opportunity for people to view the plans and chat with the project team. You can view the draft Development Plans on the website.

Early Works Plan

Metro Tunnel early works are to be undertaken before main construction work begins in 2018.

CYP has prepared a draft Early Works Plan that includes works in each of the five station precincts and the two tunnel entrances in Kensington and South Yarra.

Early works include monument and plaque relocation and removal, utility service relocations, road and transport network changes, shaft construction, property demolition works and associated construction activities.

The draft Early Works Plan also demonstrates how the works will be delivered in accordance with the approved Environmental Performance Requirements and the approved Urban Design Strategy for the project.