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Metro Tunnel

Rail Infrastructure Alliance development plans approved

Posted: 24 Jun 2019

The Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA) development plans for the Metro Tunnel entrances, as well as a new passenger platform and additional track at West Footscray station (known as the ‘Western Turnback’), have been approved by the Minister for Planning.

These plans address the scope and extent of RIA works in South Yarra, Kensington and West Footscray.

RIA development plans for tunnel entrances

At the eastern tunnel entrance (South Yarra) this includes:

  • Construction of a tunnel entrance connecting the Metro Tunnel to the rail network east of William Street
  • Permanent realignment of the Cranbourne / Pakenham line and the Frankston line
  • Reinstatement and enhancement of South Yarra Siding Reserve
  • Emergency egress area adjacent to the rail corridor and William Street
  • A replacement bridge at William Street
  • A new pedestrian and cycling bridge at Osborne Street connecting to South Yarra Siding Reserve
  • Reinstated roads and walkways
  • Retaining walls and embankments
  • Construction of a detention tank under South Yarra Siding Reserve, and
  • A new promenade connecting South Yarra Siding Reserve to Chapel Street.

At the western tunnel entrance (Kensington) this includes:

  • A widened rail corridor, including retaining walls and lineside fencing
  • A tunnel entrance to the west of South Kensington station
  • Retaining walls, including a flood wall along Childers Street, and embankments
  • Reinstated roads, including Childers Street, footpaths, pavement and car parking
  • Upgrades to traction power and overhead infrastructure
  • Redesigned entry and forecourt at South Kensington station, and
  • A new pocket park at 135 Ormond Street.

Western turnback development plan

The western turnback is the construction of a new passenger platform and additional track at West Footscray to allow services to start and finish at the station.

This new infrastructure will allow for an increase in the number of services and help ease overcrowding at stations along the Sunbury rail line.

The Western Turnback will be delivered in two stages, Stage 1 (Rail Works) and Stage 2 (Station Works). The development plan for both stages have been approved by the Minister for Planning.

Key works set out in the Stage 1 (Rail Works) Development Plan include:

  • Rail infrastructure such as signalling and overhead wiring
  • Preparation for access to the site such as temporary piling pads and rail crossings, and
  • Initial modifications to the existing pedestrian and bicycle overpass.

Key works set out in the Stage 2 (Station Works) Development Plan include:

  • New tracks, including turnouts and realigned tracks to allow outbound trains to change direction.
  • A new third passenger platform at West Footscray station, including a canopy, ramp, stair and lift access
  • Extension and alterations to the existing platform, including CCTV, lights and outdoor furniture
  • A new concourse connecting the existing pedestrian and bicycle overpass to the new third platform
  • Structural modifications to the existing station overpass, and
  • Earthworks and drainage to facilitate new track for the new platform.

RIA engaged and consulted with a wide range of community members and stakeholders that may have an interest in the tunnel entrances and the Western Turnback. The Kensington, South Yarra and Western Turnback (Stage 2) plans were then on public display from 4-22 February.

For more information on the consultation process and what we heard please visit our planning approval page.

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