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Metro Tunnel

High capacity signalling

As part of the Metro Tunnel project, 55 kilometres of next generation, high capacity signalling will be installed.

Current trackside signals allow 20 trains per hour to run reliably. High capacity signalling allows trains to safely run closer together, meaning they can run more often.

The advanced technology will enable trains every two to three minutes – creating a true 'turn-up-and-go' train network for Melbourne.

A trial of high capacity signalling will begin on a section of the Clifton Hill Group and then be rolled out along new Sunbury – Cranbourne/Pakenham line that will run through the Metro Tunnel.

It will be the first roll-out of high capacity signalling on an existing network anywhere in Australia.

Dedicated control centres will be built in Dandenong and Sunshine to support the new technology. The centres will be staffed by experts who will monitor trains on the new Metro Tunnel line.

High Capacity Metro Trains

New High Capacity Metro Trains will run through the Metro Tunnel. They will be longer than existing trains with 20 per cent more space to reduce overcrowding.

High capacity metro trains will progressively enter service from mid-2019, operating first on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines, and longer term will run through the Metro Tunnel to Sunbury.

To find out more visit the High Capacity Metro Trains Project website.

Platform screen doors

Platform screen doors will be a mandatory requirement for all platforms at each of the five stations. The platform screen doors will be full height and fit the dimensional requirements for the station platforms and the HCMT rolling stock.