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Metro Tunnel

Construction sites

Metro Tunnel's construction sites will be located at the station and tunnel entrance precincts.

Western tunnel entrance

A TBM retrieval shaft has been built to support tunnelling works, and there will be construction activities along Childers Street from Kensington Road to Bakehouse Road. A widened retaining wall will be built adjacent to the existing rail line, and the tunnel entrance will be excavated from the surface down to the level of the Metro Tunnel.

The track works at Kensington to connect to the existing Sunbury line will require some temporary rail line closures to enable works to proceed safely.

A construction support site has been built on Hobsons Road, between the Maribyrnong River and Kensington Road.

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North Melbourne

Arden Station is located on industrial land in North Melbourne and close to the freeway network. It is being used to launch TBMs, store materials, manage excavated material and support construction across the western parts of the project, before being transformed into Arden Station and plaza.

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The construction site for Parkville Station will extend along Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Leicester Street and require Grattan Street at this location to be closed for up to five years. Areas above the University Square car park, parts of Barry Street and along Elizabeth Street will be temporarily occupied to support construction activities.

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Swanston Street – North

Parts of Franklin Street between Elizabeth Street and Victoria Street and part of A'Beckett Street have been temporarily closed to support construction of State Library Station.

A site at the corner of La Trobe Street and Swanston Street will also be used for construction before it is transformed into a new station entrance.

An additional shaft will be also created between Little La Trobe Street and Literature Lane.

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Swanston Street – South

A number of sites are required to support the construction of Town Hall Station. City Square has been temporarily occupied to facilitate construction of a deep access shaft before it is transformed into a station entrance. In addition, there will be a construction site facing Swanston Street and Flinders Street (around, but not including, the Young and Jackson Hotel). Another construction site will be located at the station's Federation Square entrance on the corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street.

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St Kilda Road precinct

Parts of St Kilda Road around Anzac Station will be used as construction support sites, including a TBM launch site within the Anzac Station box.

Additionally, construction support sites will be located at Edmund Herring Oval on Domain Road, in the Albert Road Reserve and on the outer edges of the Shrine of Remembrance grounds fronting St Kilda Road and Domain Road. Staged closures of St Kilda Road will allow for the excavation of the station and enable trams and traffic to keep moving in each direction. Domain Road at St Kilda Road has temporarily closed for the duration of the works.

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Eastern tunnel entrance

The area surrounding the eastern tunnel entrance at South Yarra Siding Reserve is now a construction site to support required track and excavation works and act as a TBM retrieval site. The track works at South Yarra to connect the Metro Tunnel with the existing Cranbourne / Pakenham rail line will require some temporary rail line closures to enable works to proceed safely. Activity will take place on both sides of the rail corridor in this area, within the South Yarra Siding Reserve and Osborne Street reserves as well as around William Street Bridge.

Lovers Walk and the existing William Street bridge have been removed to widen the rail corridor. They will both be reinstated at the completion of construction. A structure containing ventilation and emergency access shafts and an electrical substation will remain in the Osborne Street Reserve while South Yarra Siding Reserve will be reinstated and upgraded.

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