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Metro Tunnel

Traffic changes around State Library Station

Temporary and long-term changes to traffic and pedestrian conditions will be required for construction of State Library station.

Temporary works

Bouverie, Victoria and Therry Streets

Groundwater monitoring works at the Bouverie Street site will take place throughout March and April, requiring intermittent night works in addition to regular hours.

These works will also require lane closures on Bouverie Street, Victoria Street, and Therry Street outside of peak times.

These night works will take place:

  • Sunday 17 March to Friday 12 April, 7pm to 6am (Works will be intermittent from Sunday to Thursday nights only during this time).

Little La Trobe Street

Before excavation commences at the Little La Trobe site, works are required to relocate the sewer under Little La Trobe Street and Literature Lane.

These works will occur:

  • 18 March to 3 May 2019, Monday to Friday, 3pm-10pm.
  • Monday 1 April, 7am-6pm.

There will be no works carried out on weekends, or between the period of 19 April to 28 April.

During these works, access to Little La Trobe Street and Literature Lane will be via Elizabeth Street.

There will be high levels of noise during ground breaking and boring works.

Long-term works

Stewart Street

Car movements

The entire length of Stewart Street in a southbound direction is now one-way.

Swanston Street

Pedestrian access

There will be short-term pedestrian diversions during the demolition of buildings between La Trobe Street and Little La Trobe Street.

La Trobe Street

Car movements

Changes to La Trobe Street intersections between William and Exhibition streets have been made to allow traffic to flow more efficiently through the north of the city. This included traffic signal improvements, line marking improvements, kerb widening and removing the hook turn from La Trobe Street (eastbound) into Elizabeth Street (southbound).

A'Beckett Street

Car movements

A'Beckett Street is closed between Swanston and Stewart streets.

Pedestrian access

  • Gantry walkways have been installed on both sides of A'Beckett Street.
  • A designated pedestrian access path has been installed around the laydown and storage area on the half basketball courts on A'Beckett Street.
  • At night, pedestrians will be able to cross A'Beckett Street at the Stewart Street intersection to the southern footpath. This access will be closed during the day for pedestrian safety purposes.
  • A gantry walkway on the northern footpath of A'Beckett Street creates an enclosed and well-lit pedestrian walkway that provides a safety barrier between pedestrians and the construction site.

Franklin Street

Car movements

  • Franklin Street is closed between Swanston Street and Victoria Street.
  • The westbound lanes on Franklin Street (between Swanston and Stewart Streets) are closed (from 27 August 2018 for up to two years).

Victoria and Therry streets

Car movements

  • No right turn from Victoria Street into Therry Street.
  • Detour via Elizabeth Street  to access Therry Street and Franklin Street

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