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Metro Tunnel

Traffic changes around State Library Station

Temporary and long-term changes to traffic and pedestrian conditions will be required for the construction of the State Library Station.

Temporary works

Swanston Street

In June 2020, a concrete pump was installed at the La Trobe Street site to facilitate construction of the future State Library Station. It will remain in place for about three years.

Footpath closures are in place along La Trobe and Swanston Streets, to ensure the safety of workers, motorists and pedestrians around the site (refer to map).

La Trobe Street

Concrete pours are required at the La Trobe Street site in late June to support construction of the State Library Station. To safely facilitate these works, a section of Little La Trobe Street will be closed to motorists on Tuesday 30 June (refer to map).

During the closures, access to Little La Trobe Street and Literature Lane will be maintained via Elizabeth Street.

Traffic management will be in place during these works to safely guide pedestrians, cyclists and motorists around the work area.

Detour map

Long-term works

La Trobe Street

To ensure the safety of workers, motorists and cyclists during the construction of the new State Library Station, a new 30 kilometre per hour speed limit applies on La Trobe Street between Elizabeth and Swanston streets. The speed limit will be in place for five years.

The eastbound lanes on La Trobe Street are reduced to one lane between Elizabeth and Swanston streets, with the northern footpath closed for pedestrians. The eastbound cycle lane is closed between Elizabeth Street and Swanston Street, reopening in late-2020.

Cyclist detour map

Cyclist detour map October 2019

Literature Lane

The eastern entrance to Literature Lane is closed to traffic. Access to Literature Lane will be via the western entrance off Little La Trobe Street.

Stewart Street

The entire length of Stewart Street in a southbound direction is now one-way.

A'Beckett Street

A'Beckett Street is closed between Swanston and Stewart streets and gantry walkways have been installed on both sides of A'Beckett Street.

A designated pedestrian access path has been installed around the laydown and storage area on the half basketball courts on A'Beckett Street.

At night, pedestrians will be able to cross A'Beckett Street at the Stewart Street intersection to the southern footpath. This access will be closed during the day for pedestrian safety purposes.

A gantry walkway on the northern footpath of A'Beckett Street creates an enclosed and well-lit pedestrian walkway that provides a safety barrier between pedestrians and the construction site.

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