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Metro Tunnel

Travelling safely near worksites

As we build the Metro Tunnel, the safety of our workers and the public is our number one priority.

There is an increasing number of trucks travelling to and from our worksites in Kensington, North Melbourne, Parkville, the CBD and South Yarra as they transport excavated material, equipment and machinery.

We are working to reduce the risks to vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists through a range of approaches:

  • Fitting additional safety equipment to our heavy vehicles
  • Raising awareness with truck drivers on sharing the road with vulnerable road users
  • Improving the design of temporary road and footpath diversions around worksites
  • Providing information to cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists about the safest behaviours around trucks

If you see any safety concerns while traveling around our sites, please contact us.

Truck driver program

We recently partnered with the Amy Gillett Foundation to pilot a truck driver program to raise awareness about travelling near cyclists.

Watch the video below to see what the truck drivers learnt from the pilot program.

Swapping Seats campaign

As part of Bicycle Network's 'Swapping Seats' campaign pilot, bike riders at Around the Bay were invited to step up into a truck and sit in the driver’s seat. Riders where then asked to look in the mirrors as a bike rider moved around the truck.

The aim of the campaign is to build a positive relationship between the drivers of heavy vehicles and bike riders by showing people just how little a driver can see at an intersection.

Sharing the road

Trucks have many blind spots and sometimes it can be hard to see cyclists on the road. Watch the video below to see an example of the challenges cyclists and trucks encounter when sharing the road.

For more information on how to be visible around trucks, go to