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Metro Tunnel

Anzac Station location assessment

The Metro Tunnel's new Anzac Station will be located directly below St Kilda Road.

The location is the result of detailed investigations, design and planning by engineers, transport modellers and other experts with experience on rail tunnels and other infrastructure projects in Australia and around the world.

Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) and its technical advisers have ruled out an option to relocate the station into the southern edge of the Shrine of Remembrance Grounds adjacent to St Kilda Road.

Works will be staged and St Kilda Road temporarily reconfigured to enable trams, vehicles and cyclists to keep moving until the full road surface can be reinstated.

In line with the approach to date, efforts continue to further minimise temporary impacts on traffic, trees and the amenity of the precinct during construction of the new underground station.

Works in St Kilda Road and the Albert Road Reserve will be undertaken in accordance with permit conditions set by Heritage Victoria.

In addition, a $25 million package of road enhancement works across the project will help offset the impacts of temporary disruptions to the road network.

Anzac Station under St Kilda Road will:

  • Give one of Melbourne's most prominent business, education and tourist precincts its first ever train station, with almost 40,000 people set to use it daily by 2031.
  • Enhance access to around 33,000 jobs in the precinct, and service 17,000 residents living within 800 metres of the location by 2031.
  • Provide a pedestrian walkway under busy St Kilda Road to greatly enhance road and pedestrian safety and accessibility.
  • Be constructed in a way that provides an effective and controlled engineering solution for the local ground conditions.
  • Provide a seamless and fast train-tram interchange that significantly relieves pressure on crowded tram services on the St Kilda Road-Swanston Street corridor, the world's busiest tram route. More than 50% of passengers passing through Anzac Station will use it as an interchange between trains and trams.
  • Have minimal impact on the Shrine of Remembrance and its Grounds.

A station in the Shrine of Remembrance Grounds was dismissed because it will:

  • Significantly impact the Shrine of Remembrance and its Grounds.
  • Cost more (around $100 million) and deliver fewer long-term transport benefits.
  • Add at least three minutes travel time to the journey of thousands of passengers in each direction every day who use the train-tram interchange (from tram stop to platform), undermining one of the key long-term public transport outcomes for Melbourne.
  • Create heritage impacts associated with the removal of the Macpherson Robertson Fountain, the Remembrance Garden Memorial and Cobbers Statue.
  • Extensively impact the Shrine's heritage value by requiring the removal of up to 136 trees in the Shrine Grounds, 60 of which are memorial trees with plaques dedicated to service units.
  • Require the removal of an extra 50,000 cubic metres of material, meaning more truck movements and higher project costs.
  • Still require temporary lane closures on St Kilda Road to build the pedestrian underpass and new tram interchange.
  • Disruption during construction to more than 160 events held annually at the Shrine of Remembrance and within its Grounds.
  • Require further approvals, thereby delaying project delivery.
  • Create permanent visual impacts on the Shrine Grounds due to extra station infrastructure.

Download this information as a fact sheet (PDF, 405.5 KB).