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Metro Tunnel

Domain precinct work notifications

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Major works on the Metro Tunnel Project are now underway in the Domain Precinct to support construction of Anzac Station.

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What is happening?

September to late November 2020

Peppercorn Lawn, Melbourne

Ground improvement works are required at this location prior to the construction of the two tunnels and the cross passage. These works will involve drilling and grout injection to strengthen the ground prior to the tunnel boring machines passing through in mid-2021.

These works will occur:

  • 24/7, ongoing

Most deliveries will remain within normal daytime construction hours, however some concrete deliveries will continue until 8pm.

The works are expected to generate low to medium levels of noise.

For further details, see the September construction update ( PDF, 277.9 KB).

Peppercorn Lawn will be occupied and unavailable for use until March 2021.

For further details, see the Peppercorn Lawn ground improvement works notification, May 2020 (PDF, 464.9 KB).

Ongoing until mid-November 2020

Beneath Toorak Road and the Eastern Portal

TBM Millie is expected to break through at the Eastern Portal late in September. Alice remains a few weeks behind Millie in the journey to South Yarra. The TBMs will have laid over 2000 rings comprised of pre-cast concrete segments at the end of their tunnelling journey

These works will occur:

  • 24/7, ongoing

Residents and businesses directly above or adjacent to the tunnelling route will be notified separately as the TBM progresses along the alignment.

For further details, see the September construction update (PDF, 454.0 KB).

to late November 2020

St Kilda Road

Oversized TBM parts will be delivered to the Anzac Station site. A total of 20 oversized transports will be made via St Kilda Road and will require overnight road closures. This equipment needs to be transported at this time to minimise impacts on road and tram networks.

These works will occur:

  • Between 1am – 5am. Deliveries to site will not be unloaded until after 7am.

Transportation dates are subject to change. Read more about the oversized deliveries and traffic changes around Domain.

Until October 2020

Edmund Herring Oval and north box site

The TBM support site at Edmund Herring Oval is operating 24/7 to support tunnelling. With both TBMs progressing, the support site is functioning at capacity to manage the excavated soil that travels from the underground TBMs to the treatment plant.

Works will continue inside the acoustic shed 24/7 and deliveries of concrete tunnel segments will arrive at site regularly via St Kilda Road as the TBMs move forward lining the tunnels.

These works will occur:

  • 24/7, ongoing

Trucks removing excavated soil from the site will continue to use the primary route of Dallas Brooks Drive, Birdwood Avenue and Linlithgow Avenue.

For further details, see the September construction update (PDF, 454.0 KB).

September onwards

Southern station box site

Excavation of the station box to concourse level is close to completion with the team breaking through the temporary diaphragm walls (D-walls) between the middle and south box, connecting the two sections to form the southern station box

These works will occur:

  • Some works are required to take place out of normal construction hours.

At times, excavation works underneath the concrete roof slab will continue up until 10pm, Monday to Friday and 6pm on Saturdays. The project team will minimise extended activities as much as possible

Additionally, to ensure structural integrity, concrete pours must be continuous and therefore may need to continue outside of normal construction hours.

Medium levels of noise are expected, with intermittent periods of high-level noise associated with hydro-demolition and cutting of concrete, primarily beneath the roof slab.

For further details, see the September construction update (PDF, 454.0 KB).


North box acoustic shed

The major concrete pour for the north headwall was completed in August. The wall is being constructed at the northern face of the Anzac Station box, where TBMs will connect for relaunch towards the CBD in the first half of 2021.

These works will occur:

  • 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7am to 1pm, Saturdays

These works are expected to generate low levels of noise.

For further details, see the September construction update (PDF, 454.0 KB).

Ongoing from August 2020

North east of construction site

Stage one piling at the station’s first entrance was completed in August. Tension piles and continuous flight auger (CFA) piles were installed adjacent to the acoustic shed. In September, excavation of the station entrance will commence. Installation of ground anchors, formwork, steel reinforcements and concrete pours will be used to support the 10 metre excavation, which will be ongoing until November.

These works will occur:

  • 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7am to 1pm, Saturdays

These works are expected to generate medium levels of noise, with intermittent periods of high-level noise associated with the breakout of piles.

For further details, see the September construction update (PDF, 454.0 KB).

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