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Metro Tunnel

Traffic and transport changes

With works underway in the Kensington area to complete the Metro Tunnel, a number of traffic changes have been implemented to ensure that residents and workers are safe at all times.

Childers Street Closure Extension and Lloyd Street Business Estate over-height vehicle detour

Childers Street is currently closed to all traffic until late-September 2020, with a detour along Derby and Tennyson streets for over-height vehicles making deliveries to the Lloyd Street Business Estate (LSBE) and a small number of Childers Street residents.

This closure was implemented to eliminate any potential conflict between large construction equipment, heavy vehicles and delivery vehicles on Childers Street during 12 months of high impact works. It also provided a consistent approach to traffic management in the area, as opposed to multiple closures, shuttle flow arrangements and detours.

While good progress continues to be made, several changes and unexpected impacts have occurred since the initial closure commenced, resulting in a significant increase in the work required along Childers Street after September 2020. As a result, additional traffic management will be required to enable the safe and efficient completion of works.

These changes include:

  • A re-sequenced work program as a result of challenges with D-wall construction
  • Additional works required along Childers Street and within the tunnel entrance which will result in a longer period of higher impact works
  • Covid-19 restrictions resulting in a period of major rail corridor works being rescheduled from May 2020 to late 2020
  • Revised work staging to bring forward reinstatement works on Childers Street (west of the egress building) to early 2021
  • Revised work staging to bring forward station forecourt works to mid-2021.

Due to changing COVID-19 restrictions, our project team is currently unable to undertake face-to-face community engagement (such as door knocks) or letterbox drops. To allow us to undertake comprehensive period of engagement, we are temporarily extending the current closure by eight weeks, until mid-November 2020. This will give us the time required to distribute information by post and ensure the local community has enough time to review the proposal, ask our team any questions they have, and provide feedback.Construction in Kensington, September 2020

The project team has recently reviewed the upcoming works in Kensington to assess the best approach to completing the remaining critical activities and reopening Childers Street.

To safely complete these works, we are proposing the following measures remain in place until September 2021:

  • Full closure of Childers Street to LSBE and local residential traffic
  • Detour for Childers Street residents and over-height vehicles (3.4 metres and above) to continue along Derby Street and Tennyson Street
  • Traffic management measures including over-height detection system on Tennyson Street, Variable Message Signage, traffic calming speed cushions and traffic supervisors monitoring the pedestrian crossing on Derby Street during peak periods.

This traffic management proposal ensures the safe and efficient completion of works by:

  • Allowing reinstatement works to occur along Childers Street in 2021
  • Allowing parking on Childers Street to reopen for public use by mid-2021
  • Minimising any delays to delivery vehicles accessing the LSBE
  • Minimising any potential for trucks queuing on Kensington Road which would delay local traffic and buses.

This proposal is designed to minimise impacts for local businesses and community members by eliminating potential conflict between large construction equipment, heavy vehicles and delivery vehicles in a works area that is in close proximity to a high-pressure gas main, operating trains and public access into the LSBE.

There may be some short term closures, shuttle flow and other traffic management arrangements required beyond September 2021. These closures will be managed in accordance with future works programs and engagement will be undertaken accordingly.

Over-height vehicle detour

Online feedback

Feedback on this proposal is invited via an online survey that will be available from Tuesday 22 September 2020 until 5pm Sunday 4 October 2020.

Anyone may provide feedback on the proposed traffic changes, including operation of the detour and any improvements which could be implemented if this proposal proceeds. All feedback received will be considered in finalising the traffic management approach. Please note, comments that relate to activities that are outside of this proposal will not be addressed.

If you have any questions regarding this proposal and would like to speak with a member of the project team, please phone the Metro Tunnel Project Information Line on 1800 105 105.

Find out more

We will be hosting two online community information sessions to provide additional information and to answer any questions you may have about the proposed changes.

These sessions will be held via the free video conferencing program, Zoom. The sessions will involve a brief presentation by the project team, followed by a question and answer session.

Session 1

  • Tuesday 22 September 5pm - 6pm

Session 2

  • Tuesday 29 September 6pm - 7pm

If you would like to attend, please email confirming your name. You will then be sent the Zoom link and login instructions the day prior to the session.

Current Childers Street Closure (September 2019 to September 2020)

Childers Street is currently closed to all non-construction vehicles, with a detour in place for over-height vehicles (3.4 metres or higher) via Derby and Tennyson Street.

An over-height detection sensor is installed on Tennyson Street (where Childers Street connects) and connected to a boom gate to provide access to vehicles 3.4 metres and higher travelling to and from the Lloyd Street Business Estate.

The detection device is monitored 24/7 and any faults are attended to immediately by a traffic controller.

Traffic management at Kensington

Getting around the area during construction


While Childers Street is closed to traffic, the shared use path on the southern side of Childers Street is temporarily closed to pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrian thoroughfare is maintained via the pathway that runs along JJ Holland Park on the northern side of Childers Street.


Cyclists are detoured via Kensington Road and Altona Street. Wayfinding signage is in place to direct cyclists.


Unrestricted all-day parking is available at the corner of Hobsons and Kensington roads. This parking will remain available while works take place in Kensington.

This car park provides 125 spaces including accessibility parking. There will be times where the car park requires closing to allow works to take place safely, however, these will be for short durations and notification to the community will be provided.

Signage will also be displayed at the entrance of the car park prior to and during any closures.

South Kensington station

South Kensington station remains open and operational throughout construction, however there may be times when the station is closed to facilitate major construction activities. We will provide advanced notification of any closures or train-replacement bus services.

Access for residents

Childers Street has been closed from September 2019 to all public traffic. Residents seeking access to Childers Street and Tennyson Street (south of the truncation) follow the outline detour route along Kensington Road, Derby and Tennyson Streets.

A boom gate has been installed on Tennyson Street to provide access to local residents. Residents that require access through the boom gate have been provided with information on access through the boom gate.

Temporary roundabout

A temporary vehicle turnaround area has been constructed at the corner of Childers and Ormond streets. This allows construction vehicles to enter and exit the work site from Kensington Road, travel along Childers Street and turn around within the construction site.

The turnaround area is an important component of the traffic management strategy, enabling the project to uphold its commitment to keeping construction trucks and vehicles off residential streets at all times.

This work involved some minor modifications to the southern end of the Ormond Street truncation; however, Ormond Street will remain closed to through traffic during construction.

Keeping the community safe

The safety of the local community and our workers is our number one priority, both within our work sites and the wider Kensington area.

Entrances to the Childers Street worksite are managed by gatekeepers, who ensure construction traffic and pedestrians are kept safe when moving through the area.

While the over-height vehicle detour route is in place to maintain access for over-height vehicles, additional safety measures are also in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. School crossing is supervised.

The project is committed to gathering feedback from the community and implementing any possible improvements to the operation of the detour while the closure of Childers Street remains in place.